Top 5 Virtual Reality Sports Games for Oculus Rift

VR is a technology which has experienced a huge jump in the last few years. More and more people are using VR technology to have fun so it is logical that there are more and more VR games on the market. There are numerous VR games on the market, but VR sports games are just warming up. If you are a fan of sports games on other gaming consoles I am sure you will find at least one game on this list that will catch your attention. So, enough with the chit-chat, let’s see what we have on this list:


The Headmaster is one very interesting sports game because it is not like something you have already tried. The main story of the game is that you are an attendant of the Football Improvement Centre and you are practicing your soccer skills. Most of the time you will have to score the goal with your head, which sounds boring, but you will also have to fight the fire, water, bombs and other crazy challenges. Through levels, you will be surprised, scared, annoyed and eventually proud of your accomplishments. Who says that soccer is boring?

DiRT Rally

The Rally is an awesome game for every gaming console which has left high expectation for VR game developers and they didn’t fail. When you put the gear on, you are sitting in the car ready to rock on. It is a game filled with adrenaline because you will forget that you are in the game. You will be driving in the snow, rain, through the mud and in the center of a city. You will try every weather condition there is and don’t be surprised if you improve your real life driving skills. Just don’t forget that there is a difference between the real and virtual.

NBA 2KVR Experience

It would be very weird if NBA doesn’t have a VR game because they are everywhere. This game is a single player oriented but that doesn’t mean you won’t feel like the NBA star on the basketball court. The game consists of 3 challenges: 3-point shootout, Skills Challenge, and Buzzer Beater. You have to score as many 3-point shots, you have to ricochet the ball in the hoop from the target and you have to shoot as many hoops as you can before the time runs out. As you can see, I am absolutely sure you will have tons of fun with it.

VR Sports Challenge

If you don’t have a favorite sports game and you love to change games every hour this VR game is a great choice for you because it actually has different sports you can play. American football, baseball, basketball, ice hockey are some of them and every game will keep you occupied. Every sport has a charming feature and the best feature is on the ice. Yes, you can pick a fight during the ice hockey match! After all, it is hockey we are talking about.

Sports Bar

The Sports bar is a game which you play when you are done with all other games on this list. It is a place where you hang out, chill with your friends and play game tables. You can play pool, air hockey, darts, shuffleboard, chess or you can just have fun in the bar. You can grab a beer, throw a beer, watch a soccer match, practice one of the games, you can do what you would do in an ordinary bar. It is the perfect VR place to come and relax. The only thing I as a fooser mind is the fact that there is no foosball table!

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