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VR Bangers Now Introduces 8K VR Porn Movie

Two years ago, VRBangers launched and became the first 4K resolution VR adult movies website on the planet. Offering the most intimate and immersive experience, they have continued to pursue new filming techniques, technologies and hardware innovations with the same insatiable approach that their fans take toward finding the best virtual reality entertainment online. The technology has finally moved on, and so did the VR Bangers’ capabilities, because now they can finally publish their productions in 8K Ultra HD.

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“We’ve always been producing our videos in the highest possible quality, which until recently was too high for most of the devices, so not everyone could enjoy our movies at their peak performance level,” said Daniel Abramovich, the CEO of VR Bangers. “Now VR hardware has finally caught up with our high standards, so we can at last release our movies in their true glory – 8K Ultra High Definition.”

The example of VR Bangers’ use of such technology can be found in this Youtube video:

“We’re using the H.265 (HEVC) video compression standard now, which is designed to substantially improve coding efficiency,” said Boris Smirnoff, the CTO of VR Bangers. “It will reduce bandwidth usage, while increasing compression quality for every VR Bangers’ movie – all our productions for Oculus Rift, Gear VR and modern smartphones are now converted to H.265 with true 60fps and 8K UHD. Naturally, we’re still keeping the H.264 versions for older devices, because we want the owners of older hardware to still be able to enjoy what it’s like to be in one room with a top VR adult movie performer.”

“The problem is that 360 VR videos have a 2:1 aspect ratio format for each ‘eye’. For 3D you need to pack 2 ‘eyes’ in 1 file, which changes it to a 1:1 aspect ratio. Earlier our 3D 360 videos were available in the regular 4K format only (3840×1920 resolution), yet losing a lot of precious quality – each eye was scaled down by 2 to meet the requirements of H.264 video codec. Now we can deliver the maximum resolution of each eye in one video, which is possible thanks to the new H.265 solution,” Boris explained. “Our 3D 360 videos are now 7680×3840 pixels, with 60 frames per second, which is an 8K resolution for a video file.”

“The 180° videos have 1:1 aspect ratio for every eye, since you can’t look behind you, so they’re much easier to handle – stereo movies can be easily packaged into a 4K 2:1 video files without losing any quality,” CTO added. “Yet, since we have the biggest collection of 3D 360 degrees VR adult films, we want our customers to enjoy our videos at the maximum possible quality.”

“Now, when we’re finally using the HEVC technology, thanks to the possibilities of the UHD 8K, we can at last use a 4K per eye resolution in 360° movies with no sacrifices, and without the need to create huge files – waiting for the download can be a true mood killer,” Daniel said. “We’re the very first to introduce the 7680×3840 pixels resolution, which is a whopping amount of almost 15 million pixels for our customers. You don’t take our word for it – YouTube is calling our videos 8K, too. Just check it for yourself at our YouTube channel.”

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