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Looxid Labs Wins a CES 2018 Best of Innovation Awards in Virtual Reality

“A startup Looxid Labs received the Best of Innovation Awards following last year’s honoree Google”

Looxid Labs, a tech startup developing a user emotion recognition system optimized for Virtual Reality (VR), announced that LooxidVR — a mobile based VR headset for eye tracking and EEG recording — has earned a CES 2018 Best of Innovation Awards in Virtual Reality.

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the world’s largest trade show annually held by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) in Las Vegas in early January. A CES Best of Innovation Awards is a prestigious award given only to the first-class companies that show the best innovation in each sector among 28 categories in the light of its design, technology and customer value. For VR sector, Looxid Labs’ LooxidVR made an outstanding achievement of winning the 2018 Best of Innovation Awards, following a CES 2016 Innovation Awards honoree Samsung’s Gear VR and a CES 2017 Best of Innovation Honoree Google’s Tilt Brush, and standing shoulder to shoulder with other global innovative companies.

LooxidVR is a mobile based VR headset, analogous to Samsung’s Gear VR and Google’s Daydream View, embedded with EEG sensors and eye tracking cameras and thus can keep track of a user’s brain activity, eye movement, and pupil dilation. In particular, LooxidVR allows time-synchronized acquisition of eye and brain data concurrent with VR contents and provides an expandable API, which can be widely applicable in various VR industries that require better understanding of users’ emotional status such as stress level, preference, and engagement.

Looxid Labs will participate in ‘CES Unveiled Las Vegas’ at Mandalay Bay on January 7th prior to CES 2018 and set up a booth where visitors can experience LooxidVR during the four days of the actual event from January 9th-12th. Above all, booth visitors can have a first-hand experience of monitoring their eye and brain activity within an immersive VR and explore how their physiological data can be used to open up new possibilities in VR-based user experience (UX) or market research.

“It is really encouraging to see our technology and potential recognized globally with the Best of Innovation Awards at CES 2018, where the most influential and ingenious consumer technologies are showcased,” said Yongwook Chae, the CEO of Looxid Labs. “Preorder sales of our award-winning product, the LooxidVR, will be kicked off on February 1st, 2018. I hope you stay tuned for our future development including comprehensive VR user analytics solution based on eye and brain interface,” he added.

During CES 2018, visitors can find Looxid Labs at Booth #52907 at ‘Eureka Park’ where various startups showcase their ingenious ideas and innovation. CES 2018 Best of Innovation Honoree products are featured on CES.tech/Innovation. Visit www.looxidlabs.com for more information.

About CES

CES is the global stage for next-generation innovations and will span more than 2.5 million net square feet of exhibit space and feature more than 3,900 exhibiting companies unveiling technologies, products and services that touch every industry.

About LooxidVR

LooxidVR is the first mobile VR headset to provide an interface for both the eyes and the brain. Two eye tracking cameras and six brain-wave sensors are embedded to seamlessly measure eye and brain activity and packed in a slick and optimized design making it comfortable for anyone to wear.

About Looxid Labs

Looxid Labs (www.looxidlabs.com) has developed an emotion recognition system with eye and brain interface optimized for VR. When the users wear the VR headset, the system seamlessly measures the users’ eye movement and brain activity using VR-embeddable eye-tracking cameras and EEG sensors. Then, the users’ emotional states are detected and classified through machine learning algorithms. This solution can be applied to various VR applications that require better understanding of users’ states and the development of more immersive VR system. Looxid Labs is a member company of the K-ICT Born2Global Centre.

About K-ICT Born2Global Centre

K-ICT Born2Global Centre (www.born2global.com) is a full-cycle service platform for global expansion. Since inception in 2013, Born2Global has been setting the standard for successful startup ecosystem as the main Korean government agency under the Ministry of Science and ICT. Born2Global has expanded and transformed startups to be engaged, equipped and be connected with the global market.


Anna Jo, Global Communications Manager of Looxid Labs

Jina Lee, PR Manager of Born2Global

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