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LUCI Unveils Line of Immersion-on-Demand and Virtual Reality Products at CES 2018

Entertainment experience company LUCI announced it will unveil its immersion-on-demand and virtual reality device LUCI Immerse at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, January 9-11.

“LUCI wants to fundamentally change how people consume content by giving users the most visually stunning experience possible through wearable technology. We want users to be amazed by the nuances of every frame, every scene and every minute detail through an uncompromised viewing experience,” said Josh Littlefield, vice president of global sales and marketing for LUCI. “For users to truly experience powerful, emotionally moving narratives, we must first unbind them from the shackles of the limitations present in hardware today. LUCI is committed to helping all consumers experience content as creators intended their stories to be told, in emotional and meaningful ways.”

LUCI immers, which will begin production in Q2 of 2018, is the first in Ultra-HD wearable immersion-on-demand devices. With an impressive 3000+ PPI display, LUCI immers will be the engine to power all types of content, including 3D 4K, to allow for the most immersive experiences to date. LUCI immers delivers precise, brilliant and eye-catching colors that will leave the user deeply engaged by the exquisite beauty of the story.

LUCI immers is uniquely designed to effortlessly integrate into users’ daily lives, bringing comfort to the forefront and delivering moments of joyful disruption throughout the day. Weighing only 185 grams, users can experience content lying down, sitting or standing for extended periods of time. LUCI immers is the fusion of beautiful craftsmanship and technical ingenuity to become part of your daily carry, as portable and convenient as a pair of sunglasses.

“LUCI immers is the first step in our company’s commitment and passion to reimagine the way in which people come together to enjoy content,” says Jun Zhao, vice president, product operations, LUCI. “The flexible, compact and customizable design of LUCI immers makes it possible to bring the premium movie theater experience on the go, giving you the freedom to engage with content when and where you want.”

Continuing to push the boundaries of entertainment, LUCI will also preview at CES the company’s second product line, alyx by LUCI, an all-in-one virtual reality wearable. Through combining a rigorous ergonomic design process and nanoscale high-density skin material, alyx by LUCI provides unmatched comfort and durability with elegant style. With industry-leading displays, field of view and refresh rates, alyx by LUCI is for more than just gaming; it is for all types of content and all types of users.

LUCI will have product demonstrations available at CES 2018 in South Hall 1, booth 21042. Attendees will have the opportunity to speak with brand representatives and experience the immersion-on-demand wearable LUCI immers and preview alyx by LUCI, an all-in-one virtual reality wearable.

About LUCI:
LUCI is an entertainment experience company that focuses on enhancing the emotional connections to content through the senses. LUCI is committed to building systems, creating content, developing partnerships and forming communities that will drive humanity to new horizons. For more information about LUCI, visit

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