1st Oculus-Produced Horror VR Series Being Directed by Alex Aja with guest star Robert Englund

Master of horror Alexandre Aja and Oculus have partnered with multi-faceted VR (virtual reality) studio, Future Lighthouse, to create their first Horror VR series, Campfire Creepers, in a deal brokered by WME. Casey Cooper Johnson and Martin Andersen co-created the show with Aja and wrote the first season.

The live action anthology series, directed and produced by Alexandre Aja, responsible for horror hits like The Hills Have Eyes and Piranha, invites the viewer to join the fire circle at Camp Coyote as a group of campers take turns telling scary stories, each one leading you on an immersive ride into your darkest childhood fears.

Inspired by cult classics like Creepshow and Tales from the Crypt, Campfire Creepers is one of the first pieces of episodic immersive content that seeks to draw in more mainstream viewers into VR. One of the episodes includes a guest appearance by Robert Englund, known for his legendary turn as Freddy Krueger.

In each episode Alexandre Aja and Future Lighthouse will push the VR story telling limits of what has been done before, utilizing new camera movements, editing, macro shots, etc., always playing with what could be possible to bring more chills to the viewer’s experience.

Campfire Creepers is currently filming and first episodes will be released this Halloween exclusively in the Oculus Store.

About Future Lighthouse

Future Lighthouse is one of the leading virtual reality studios operating at the crossroads of storytelling and technology. With offices in Los Angeles and Madrid, we specialize in VR narrative and fiction. Our studio develops new experiences for brands and networks, innovating in both form and content. We also produce original content like our films Tomorrow, Ray, and Melita which have been selected by film festivals such as Raindance, Oxford International Film Festival, and Filmteractive. Our films/experiences have also been screened at SXSW, Raindance (China & London), and Sonar (Barcelona). Follow @LighthouseVR on Twitter. For additional information, please go to futurelighthouse.com.

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