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2020 NCM OPEN CALL V Reality – Period of Application: 1st July 2020 – 15th September 2020 (KST)

Nexon Computer Museum is proud to announce and invite anyone interested to participate in our 5th virtual and augmented reality contest, 2020 NCM OPEN CALL V Reality. NCM OPEN CALL is an open contest in which there are no special qualifications or restrictions as it has been the case in the past years. Any content that deals with VR, AR, and MR are qualified to submit regardless of nationality, age, gender, or the past career, without limitations of the platform, genre, or subject. As the priority is given to ideas and planning that can expand the boundaries of thinking and emotion rather than sophisticated technology, even an incomplete project may be submitted if it is enough to demonstrate the core intent of the project.

Additionally, this years OPEN CALL is planned to collaborate with SK Telecom Co., Ltd., the Koreas largest mobile provider to much diverse opportunities will be provided to the award-winning teams. To boost up Koreas VR ecosystem, SK Telecom is pushing ahead with its 5G VR business in earnest by establishing an all-round partnership. Along with its strategic partnership with NEXON Korea Corporation, the general direction of NCM OPEN CALL aimed was also in line during the process of exploring new media content that extends the boundaries of reality, which became the background of this partnership.

The total award amount is 22 million KRW – including Grand Award for the work that draws the most amazing and innovative virtual world will be awarded a prize of 10 million KRW, 5 million KRW for the Best Award and SK Telecom Special Award, and 1 million KRW for Excellence Awards. SK Telecoms VR and AR experts will be participate in the screening process and in the extent to support in commercialization, and Oculus Go will be granted to every team that passes the first round of screening process.

Nexon Computer Museum also provides additional support to the team that aimed to establish a sustainable environment for its development via additional sponsorship program in various channels. The museum has sponsored total of 150 million KRW to nine of both domestic and foreign teams for the past three years through its NCM Accelerator program, which has recently bore fruit as their projects have already made or about to make its debut. Ridgeline Labs made global release of its AR game named RoVR – Your Own Virtual Dog where users can meet a virtual dog, while iNK Stories and Gattai Games are also ready to release their AR and VR game – Island Hopper which is an AR game that draws its active interaction within the surrounding environment and Kungfucious’, a VR game that offer a vigorous hitting sense, respectively.

Please refer to our website for general information on 2020 NCM OPEN CALL V Reality, or contact opencall@nexoncomputermuseum.org for further inquiries.

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