Facebook is Working on a New Virtual Reality for Users! What Does That Mean for VR Porn?

Did you know that Facebook has just announced their work work on the “Horizon” virtual reality (VR) application, which could potentially (indirectly) be a huge chance for your beloved VR porn movies? The company wants to convince users to spend more time in VR and increase their familiarity with this technology – and its absence is one of the biggest reasons why a lot of people do not even know about the convenience and immersion granted by VR porn videos. The environment is supposed to allow conversations and interactions with other people as well as participation in simple games via Facebook – a great idea which is kinda similar to the Oasis introduced in the Ready Player One Spielberg’s movie that we have talked about some time ago.

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At first, the application is to be made available to a small group of Facebook users in 2020. Currently, registration to the group from which the testers will be drawn is taking place (you can sign yourself to beta tests over here).

All beta testers will explore individual environments using their avatars, i.e. the characters they created. There will also be “guides” – employees of the company – whose task will be to show various activities and introduce people to the new VR environment. All of that will certainly increase the people’s familiarity with exploring and walking through the VR, and soon enough – as long as the idea will be successful – we expect all these people to further explore the VR’s capabilities, presumably reaching for our VR porn videos eventually.

Additionally, the “Horizon” will also contain the user’s home area, which can be adjusted and equipped with further elements of the decor according to the wishes of the owner. Below you can watch the Facebook’s trailer for the “Horizon”:

Cartoon environment graphics are not to be hardware demanding, and “Horizon” will also be able to handle less technically advanced virtual reality goggles like Oculus Quest – and we are especially happy about that, as we believe that both virtual reality in general and VR porn should be reachable by as many people and they should not be limited by financial capabilities. Naturally, to reach the highest possible quality like 6K ultra high definition, you certainly need a solid VR headset – but all our VR porn videos can be scaled down to lower definitions, and we believe that such backwards capability is the key to success in the VR business.

Work on “Horizon” means that Facebook will stop the development of similar initiatives – Facebook Spaces and Oculus Rooms. Support for both will end on October 25.

According to Ars Technica – one of the biggest technology-related website in the world – the American group is still looking for a good product combining voice chat, avatars and VR, and this latest Facebook’s solution could be a game changer and a great step forward in breaking the virtual reality familiarity barrier. “We’re still waiting for Facebook to launch social space in virtual reality and not abandon the project within two years,” was pointed out.

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