With the Incoming Events Planned for 2019, Sum of Payouts of Affiliates Working with the Company is About to Reach the First Million before the End of This Year

Not too long ago, VR Bangers – premium VR porn movies’ producers known worldwide for introduction of 6K ultra high definition virtual reality standard to their VR porn experiences as the very first in the adult industry – have proudly announced that their proprietary affiliate platform introduced last year has managed to provide their partners and affiliates with over $550,000 of earnings in 2018, breaking their previous record. Previously, the preliminary financial forecasts of the company assumed that in 2019 this value may exceed $650,000, but it turned out that it has grown much higher and outpaced the producers’ wildest expectations – going as high as to $1 million.

According to the company’s financial report, the total amount of payouts achieved by VR Bangers’ affiliates in 2019 exceeded $900,000 at the beginning of November this year – thus reaching a record value, almost twice as high as last year’s achievement. The record is still to be beaten by at least another $100k – most likely before the end of the month – as makers have already announced the preparations for multiple events, deals and promotions – in which all their affiliates will be able to participate to further increase their sales.

Thanks to Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday’s promos – all happening before the end of November – the value is certainly about to beat $1,000,000 – and these are just the initial financial assumptions based on the average monthly earnings achieved by VR Bangers’ partners this year, which do not include the bonus resulting from increased activity in above-average effectiveness of November.

All of that is being possible thanks to VR Bangers’ affiliate platform last year upgraded into a fully-fledged VR porn system called VRB Cash. With every month of the operation of VRBCash, the platform is working faster, smoother and it is becoming easier and easier to make money with its use for both adult industry experts and newcomers. Additionally, VR Bangers have just recently upgraded their main website of VR Bangers as well, making it more universal and improving its working on all platforms and mobile devices.

With the growing demand on the support of affiliates services, producers have also enhanced their customer support and increased the amount of free courses and instructions received by their affiliates – and all of that to both raise the sales of the company and of every partner actively working on its further expansion, while making money on his own.

“From the beginning of this year, the plan was to beat the financial record of affiliates from 2018, but we had no idea that we will manage to almost double our sales,” admits Daniel Abramovich, the CEO of VR Bangers. “’Appetite comes with eating,’ they say – so, in other words, the more you have, the more you want – and right now we are definitely aiming for $1,000,000, which – and I am not exaggerating – is actually only a matter of time. We are getting closer with our affiliates each year and we make sure that VR Bangers as a brand is becoming more and more attractive to them – and with everything we have planned for Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday (and all the other events this year), I obviously have no idea how high we are going to get in 2019. One is certain, though: no matter how good the result, we are not going to stop there!”

Events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are always giving exceedingly high results to all entertainment-related companies in the Internet, and VR Bangers are celebrating those together with their members and affiliates every year. With the growing needs of the members of their community and people being fed up with regular promotions and price cuts, the producers have to actively come up with new ideas – with what, so far, they are successful, which is certainly proven by the peaking affiliates’ payouts value for 2019.

“Our affiliates will have a chance to earn thousands of dollars this year just by following our instructions and by participating in our incentives,” says Anastasia Mathias, the Affiliate Coordinator for VR Bangers. “We are regularly updating them with newsletters, reminding every time we are about to do something special; and our platform, VRB Cash, is bursting at the seams with all the promotional materials and graphics. This year, we plan on adding our very popular lifetime deal – and every affiliate who will give us traffic for such will be able to earn himself up to 60% from its price in just one day.”

Of course, the year does not end in November and ahead of us in 2019 there are such events as Christmas and New Year’s Eve, which will also be celebrated at This means that the last two months of this year will be full of work for both producers and their affiliates – which, however, will certainly result in an even better financial result that can be extremely hard to beat in 2020. To join the “hype train” and start making money yourself, make sure to get familiar with VR Bangers’ proprietary platform over here.

And If you are interested in previous activity of VR Bangers or would like to watch one of their VR porn movies in HD, 4K UHD and even 6K ultra high definition, make sure to visit their website by going here.

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