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Let Cleo Clementine Become Your Super-sexy American Housewife in 3D VR!

By Virtual Reality Bangers

Although having a wife seems to be something great for every young boy, every adult (and married) man knows that it definitely has its pros and cons. Sure, if you take a young, sexy girlfriend as your wife, you will probably be able to fuck her hard for the rest of your life and fulfill all your sexual fantasies with her – but real women, unlike always-horny porn stars, may not feel like having sex all the time and cause all kinds of… complications. Fortunately, in the wonderful world of immersive VR porn videos from VR Bangers, all these problems disappear once and for all – and these premium VR porn videos’ creators have just introduced their latest VR porn fantasy with one of the sexiest housewives in the entire adult industry.

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American Housewife is a brand new 3D VR porn movie from VR Bangers – a virtual reality porn experience in 6K ultra high definition inside which the incredibly beautiful redhead VR porn star, Cleo Clementine, endowed with incredible female shapes and a perfect bubble butt, will become your sexy wife who can’t wait for her husband to come home – being literally thirsty for his big dick and hoping he will put it in her tight little pussy and tear it apart as soon as he will have some time for her. Since we are talking about a VR porn experience here, any of the fans of these premium producers can become that happy husband – including you, as long as you have a working VR headset and an active subscription on

“Cleo Clementine has been gifted with beautiful, feminine shapes and her body – and especially her ass – is literally out of this world – so she makes a perfect example of an all-American housewife and I know that our fans are going to fall in love with her,” says Roman Lit, the Producer of Virtual Reality Bangers. “We made sure that she will be a perfect incarnation of your housewife related sexual fantasies – she will be waiting for all our fans in her kitchen, dressed in a bit of a skimpy outfit and ready for even the biggest cocks to enter her filthy mouth and tight pussy. I am more than sure that you are going to have a great time with this perfectly shaped redhead VR porn vixen with an ideal bubble butt!”

And if you are interested in other VR porn movies from the studio and would like to watch a different VR porn experience made by it, head straight to the makers’ main page over here. The producers make sure to upload new and new VR porn experiences in up to 6K UHD pretty much few times a week!

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