Rediscover the Little Red Riding Hood Story with Marilyn Sugar and VR Bangers

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We are more than sure that you are well-familiar with the story from the red riding hood fairy tale, are not you? Even though this fable was meant to give a lesson to kids only and to make them never trust a stranger – inside of the world of immersive VR porn experiences, where producers like VR Bangers are working with adults only, you can expect the course of action of this fairytale to be drastically changed and altered a whole lot – when experiencing it in an entirely new way, as it is being introduced to you as an all-amazing VR porn fantasy with Marilyn Sugar, an incredibly hot professional teen VR porn star from the Czech Republic.

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Little Red Riding Hood: Time to Ride That Lumber Cock! is the name of VR Bangers’ brand-new Czech VR porn video – an immersive virtual reality porn fantasy inside of which you are going to become a huge lumberjack paying a visit to the red hood petite girl from the story and discover something extremely interesting about her. You see, the girl who will be looking for her grandma – just like she did in the original tale – will eventually come to your lumber house to ask around whether you have seen her or not – and when she will be offering you something tasty to eat from the fruits that she has found in the forest, she will accidentally allow you to discover the little glittering dildo toy that she is hiding in her basket.

That is exactly how this virtual reality porn experience will begin – and only minutes later it will quickly change from just a solo masturbation VR porn scene into something way more serious, as the girl who will understand that you are well-aware of her true nature and that you will not think of her as of an innocent being anymore, will without hesitation take advantage of that and fuck that lumber dick that you are hiding under your pants.

“Having sex with a Little Red Riding Hood was the idea that we have had in our heads for a while now, and I am happy that thanks to our European division we were finally able to pull it off,” says Roman Lit, the Producer of Virtual Reality Bangers “It was actually quite challenging to find an appropriate place to produce this latest VR porn movie, but when we successfully secured the spot in the Czech Republic, we could already begin the production. Marilyn is cute and utterly charming, so she was a great choice for this VR porn video – wear your VR headset and watch it to find out whether you agree with me or not!”

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