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Blank Space – Taylor Swift’s First Immersive 360 Degree Music Video

Immersive Media worked with Radical Media and Grammy Award winner film & music video director Joseph Kahn, and created a immersive 360˚ music video for singer Taylor Swift.

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taylor swift immersive video blank space

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The 360 degree video is a bitter-sweet love story told in the form of virtual cinematic storytelling. In Immersive Media’s own words “keeping the fans engaged in their new favorite song and at the same time offering more depth.” We cannot agree more!








“Amex UNSTAGED” for Taylor Swift” App is available for download on iTune and Google Play. The coolest thing about this 360 video App is how highly interactive it is! As you wander through different doors and rooms with Taylor Swift, you could click on different doors, and you’d be taken to another room, as if you are part of the music video. When the app is opened, you can use your finger to swipe and navigate!


google play unstaged app

Unstaged in Google Play


itune unstaged app

Unstaged in iTune


Below is the normal 2D music video and the behind the scene footage for your comparison with the “American Express Unstaged Taylor Swift” APP!


The story told by a immersive 360 video is definitely more profound and has more depth as the story unfolds in an immersive field of view. While watching on a headset, we almost felt like we were in that mansion with Taylor! 360 video is certainly more captive and appealing than a generic 2D music video!


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