360 Degree & VR Advertising as Advrtas & Business Events Denmark Launch First 360/VR Video Ads

Advertisers around the globe have a reason to celebrate today with the announcement that Advrtas, a 360 degree video and Virtual Reality marketing and ad solution from Outlyer Technologies, can deliver cross domain and support 360 degree video ad units across all major browsers and operating systems, including an in-browser VR mode for iOS and Android devices. Advrtas’ proprietary and patent-pending technology facilitates delivery of 360 ad units with VR mode cross domain, to all modern platforms, devices, operating systems, browsers and in-app.


One of the first brands to test out the Advrtas technology is Business Events Denmark. The tourism organization turned to Advrtas to deliver their “360° MINDblowing Reality” experience as rich media ad units to targeted publications in the United States. The campaign features two different 360° video experiences with VR mode, one being a walk through the centuries old waterfront district of Nyhavn in Copenhagen and the other aboard an exhilarating RIBboat near Denmark’s infamous wind turbines.


The news marks a significant step in the advancement of digital advertising and how the industry leverages 360 degree and virtual reality technology. Not even Facebook, Google nor YouTube can deliver 360 videos in a browser on iOS which mark limitations for any brand or advertiser because they restrict where and how they can distribute branded 360 degree and VR content and make ROI a challenge.


Until Advrtas, the distribution options for brands that create 360 degree video experiences has been essentially restricted to social media channels like Facebook and YouTube and a very small handful of vertically integrated web publishers like Huffington Post and USA Today. These limitations have been a little known secret in the advertising world and virtual reality and 360 degree content spaces.


Earlier this year Advrtas made news when it was the first to market with a fully interactive 360 degree rich media ad technology complete with one-touch virtual reality mode. Advrtas has developed IAB compliant ad units that are designed to work across smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops, engaging audiences wherever they are. Viewers can control their ad experience on smartphones and tablets by either moving their devices or swiping their fingers on-screen, and on desktop by moving a mouse. One-touch VR mode makes the ads viewable via mobile on any cardboard or similar VR viewing device.


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