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360 Degree Immersive Journalism FlyDubai Boeing-737 FZ981 Crash @ Rostov-on-Don airport

During its second landing approach under extremely poor visibility conditions, Flydubai’s flight FZ981 crashed in the southern Russian city of Rostov-on-Don, killing all 62 passengers and crew on board.


“Flight-tracking website FlightRadar24 said the plane had been climbing after its second landing attempt when it suddenly began to fall at rapid speed.”

A eyewitness near by the Airport at the time of the crash, said the blaze from the explosion was so bright it was like having dawn in the middle of the night. A former Flydubai captain who wish to remain anonymous revealed that Flydubai pilots are forced to work while exhausted, while saying he had been “worked to death” despite complaints.

The former pilot said that top management at Flydubai was fully aware of this serious issue, but did not attempt to resolve the problem.

“When I was still at the company, one of the last things I told management is that there would be an accident because of pilot fatigue,” he said.


Former pilot believed that sleep deprivation had contributed to the Flydubai flight FZ981 crash.


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Experience in 360 Degree Video: FlyDubai Boeing-737 FZ981 crash site in Rostov-on-Don airport

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A Russian TV station just recently published a transcript of the last words exchanged between the crew one minute before the plane impacted the ground. The transcript suggests that a pilot error could be to blame for the deadly disaster. The transcript suggests that one of the pilots lost control of the plane after switching off the autopilot setting. Analysts examining the transcript suggest that the pilot accidentally switched on a stabilising fin at the tail of the plane, , apparently took place as the pilot tried to pull the plane back to a horizontal position.

“The way that [Flydubai] … builds the schedules does not account for circadian rhythm … they do not allow pilots to get the right amount of rest, or the proper rest before a flight, and that is exactly what both of these pilots were, the situation that they were in, for sure,” the pilot said.
“With this fin activated, the plane practically does not react to the pilot’s control panel”
Near by security camera captures the moment of crash of the Flydubai Boeing-737 FZ981.


All 55 passengers, from Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and India, and seven crew members from Cyprus, Spain, Russia, the Seychelles, Columbia and Kyrgyzstan, were killed in a powerful blast that scattered fragments of the aircraft across the airport.


Another recent report suggests that perhaps a “hurricane grade gust” may have blown the Boeing-737 off course that resulted in the death of all 62 people on board the Flydubai FZ981.


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