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The Largest Virtual Headset At CES

3D Head, a self proclaimed “Oculus killer” is a head-mounted device showcased at CES 2015. Putting on this enormous headset nearly cost us a trip to the chiropractor. The headset was not immersive at all, and there’s no head-tracking. The resolution quality makes you feel like you are wearing a giant television from the 80s.


3D Head Demo

The Demo Game

3D Head oculus killer hmd

3D Head vr


Time for this company to reconsider removing “Oculus killer” from their future banners. We want to tell the company that for the term “R&D”, “research” is before “development”.


Situated just seconds away from the Oculus demo booth, it doesn’t take much effort to just walk over and discover a shattered “killer” dream by the most profound VR experience to date. Aside from all the criticism, we actually do love the design if it was a real virtual headset and not as heavy.

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