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3D Virtual Makeup’ll Change How You Apply Makeup

According to Women Health Magazine, women spend an average of 55 minutes every day on makeup. This is about to change in the near future as 3D virtual makeup technology comes into play. Virtual reality will not only change the way we shop, it will also change our lifestyle and daily habits.


3d augmented reality makeup app

Start Your Day With Perfect 3D Virtual Makeup App

Imagine in the near future, you’d start your day like this. In the morning, before you head to work, instead of go about your daily makeup routine, you’d swipe your phone or mobile device and select the makeup look you want to have for the day, and virtually, of course!


moda foreo makeup facing printing


After the perfect makeup look is selected from your mobile device, you sync the selection to a 3D-printer like machine. Instead of printing objects, you are printing makeup on your face. 30 seconds is all it takes.


You’ll have a flawless look, the exact makeup look that see on starts and celebrities! All done for you in under a minute, without your hands even touch any makeup. Zero application and skill required.


You headed to work with your perfect look, during your lunch break, you’d go online and shopping for the newest celebrity look for your weekend date, and lip gloss for the season to go along with it.

3d augmented reality makeup app

Modiface makeup app

Modiface’s official website claims in their e-commerce section that business who uses Modiface app to showcase their product could achieve up to 158% conversion increase!


All can be done with couple swipes of fingers on your mobile device. There is no need to go to the store because with virtual reality apps, you know exactly how the lip gloss will look on you.


And the best part is, you cannot mess up the look, simply because you won’t be applying yourself, the 3D augmented makeup machine will take it care of it for you. You just can’t screw it up, can’t you? Wake up, you are not dreaming! This could really happen TODAY! With the help from Modiface and MODA!


Modiface is a 3D virtual make up simulation app that uses augmented reality technology to simulate how a makeup product will look on a consumer’s face. Modiface’s patented 3D virtual facial structure and skin mapping technology will analyze every detail of the face and produce a photo-realistically rendered for a precise visualization of the user.



Modiface was started way back in 1999 at Stanford University. As a research project on automatic face analysis. In 2006, Modiface Inc. was born. Modiface is currently powering over 150 sites and apps, and had been downloaded 50 million times.


modiface app vr


Modiface’s Real-Time Face Simulation App

Modiface enable consumer to check and test different makeup product and looks before making a purchase. It could also eliminate the need to visit the actual store to test and try on the makeup product in person.


With 2000+ makeup product selections in Modiface’s database, users can test each product with a real-time moving virtual image of user’s own face! Modiface’s App is available here.


moda foreo virtual 3d

MODA: The Digital Makeup Artist At Your Service

Modiface helps consumer select the look they want to have, and MODA by Foreo will help consumers achieving the perfect celebrity or the newest red carpet look!


moda app 3 steps makeup

3 simple steps for a flawless celebrity makeup look!


Foreo is one of the world’s leading hi-tech facial and dental cleansing equipment manufacture. MODA by Foreo is an advance breakthrough makeup application that adopts 3D printing and virtual facial scanning technology that integrates with mobile devices.



The process is simple. A user simply pick the look from their mobile device, right from the MODA app. MODA app will then sync the look to the MODA system. All user needs to do next is stick her head and align her face in the MODA system, wait 30 seconds and it’s done!


vr red carpet 3d makeup

Imagine you could have Blake Lively’s new red carpet look in 30 seconds!


It’s like having a virtual celebrity makeup artist right in your room! You can have a perfect look to cater any occasions in less than 1 minute!


augmented reality makeup app

Pick up look , stick your head in MODA. Sit on it for 30 seconds and there you have it!


This could a life and time saver for women in general. We all have heard or seen way too many jokes on women and their makeup! With these two augmented, 3D virtual makeup apps and equipment, women could be hassle-free before work and date!


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