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3d4u Twirls Media surround virtual 360 video

TwirlMedia Virtual 180 & 360 Video Technology

Founded in 2004, 3D-4U is a Pullman, Washington based media technology company. 3D-4U offers high tech solution to provide audience futuristic and personalized entertainment, sports, and live music events viewing experiences. An viewing experience that is high customizable.


3d4u 360 180 video app

Enjoy NFL Jacksonville Jaguars’s game on Oculus Rift!

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Audience are able to take control, and choose their viewing focal point, for example, during a live-streaming or on-demand playback of a NHL football game, audience can choose to bring their viewing focus on any particular player or even someone in the crowd. Audience also has the freedom to choose viewing in 2D or 3D.


TwirlsMedia Virtual Reality 180-360 Degree Video

TwirlsMedia is the virtual reality division of 3D-4U. The core technology is Twirls Surround’s 180-360 degree video in 18,000 pixel high resolution. Another smart move by offering viewer the choice between 180 and 360 degree video.




3D-4U seem to be targeting entertainment ( Ricky Martin concert ), sports ( soccer and football game ) and surveillance sector. There are 3 apps available for download and viewed on VR headsets such as Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR. Downloads are available in Google Play and iTune.


3d-4u marc anthony

We were surprised to find out that Marc Anthony is among 3D-4U Board members!


3d4u app

Ricky at your service! Ladies, now you can view Ricky Martin shake his ass in this 3D4U app!



Frankly, in the future, do we want to be viewing fully immersive 360 degree video all the time and every time? I know I don’t, do you? Sometimes, I probably just want a flat 2D video, most likely, for most occasions; a 180 degree video would be more than sufficient.


Content & Image Source: 3D4U, Linkedin, Bloomberg

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