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400 Devs About to Build Apps and Games with Quark VR SDK – Intugame’s Kit Is Already Up and Running at Boost VC’s Campus

Over 400 developers from around the world have subscribed and are waiting to start creating Virtual Reality apps, games and scenes with Quark VR. Three teams are already using the Software Development Kit at Boost VC’s campus.


Quark VR is created by Intugame – a Bulgarian startup, currently a part of accelerator Boost VC’s Tribe 7 program. It allows every developer to build Virtual Reality products for all VR platforms as easily as creating regular ones with Unity or UDK. The Quark VR SDK comes free with a pro version that adds tons of impressive features.


‘We wanted to give developers the opportunity to be an active part of The Year of Virtual Reality without having to devote entire teams to VR, weeks for learning, colossal budgets, and even without the need to choose a single VR headset to develop for’, says Intugame’s Co-Founder Krasimir Nikolov.


‘Quark VR’s motto is ‘Develop Once. Run on every VR headset’, adds Georgi Georgiev – Intugame’s other Co-Founder. ‘It is absolutely multi-platform: from Google Cardboard to Oculus Rift.’

intugame sdk
Introducing Intugame SDK

The SDK will be released in a few weeks with a Native version for Windows and a Unity plugin, which allows development for mobile devices but with preserving the quality of a PC product. The key here is the fact that the VR app will really be processed on the PC and then only streamed to the headset. It doesn’t matter if the headset is Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR or any other of their type.


A multi-platform Software Development Kit for Virtual Reality. VR games and apps built with Intugame SDK will run on every headset – from Google Cardboard through Samsung GearVR to Oculus Rift. The tool will be for VR development what Unity and UDK are for regular game creation – intuitive and accessible.


The advantages are many: the PC will do all the heavy lifting, so the phone’s battery is preserved, the developed apps and games will have a maximum reach due to them being hardware-agnostic, they will provide wireless VR experience, and much more. The first version of Intugame SDK will be released in Q1 of 2016 and it will be widely spread around Silicon Valley where Intugame’s founders Georgi Georgiev and Krasi Nikolov are going to be at the time as part of Boost VC’s Boost 7 Program.


The great part about the tool is that it can be used for many different purposes – games (of course), marketing, education, social media, healthcare, and many more. Developers can still subscribe for news and future access to Quark VR SDK by signing up at quarkvr.io.

About Intugame

Founded in Sofia, Bulgaria, just over a year ago, Intugame is now a well-known VR company on the European map. It was embraced by the startup incubator LauncHub and was selected to be a part of Boost VC’s Boost 7 program. The accelerator chose Intugame among hundreds other VR and Bitcoin companies.


intugame team


Intugame is a Virtual Reality company developing tools and applications for VR. The company is based in Sofia, Bulgaria, but is currently in San Mateo, California, as a part of Boost VC’s Tribe 7 Program. Intugame consists of 4 experts in their fields:
Krasimir Nikolov – CEO, Co-Founder, Developer – Desktop Side
Georgi Georgiev – CTO, Co-Founder, Developer – Mobile Side
Dragomir Stoychev – Lead VR Developer
Victoria Victorova – Community Manager




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