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The 4th Ranetas VR Fest

From the 9th to the 25th November the 4th Virtual and Augmented Reality Festival organized by Ranetas cultural association, will take place at the exposition hall in Spain.

More than 30 works have been selected to participate in the two main categories of this festival; the category of Art in virtual and augmented reality and the category of Experiences and short films in virtual reality.

In the section Art in virtual and augmented reality we will enjoy three different types of works:

Works made in Tilt Brush, Quill, Unity, etc – among which, we can see art works made by Goro Fujita (current Art director in Facebook and previously involved in DreamWorks, Oculus Studio), Alex Frenklakh (specialist in animation who collaborated in Ice Age or Rio) – or involving art by Scobot with World One.

Works made in augmented reality to watch with the smart phone or with glasses for augmented reality, such as The 4th Wall by the American Nancy Baker Cahill, or different video-clips BY Wavi Music which come to life.

Two expositions of physical paintings which will come to life in the screens of our smart phones. We have a collection of different works by the Mexican artist Yunuen Esparza, with a touch of contemporary art, and another collection from the Australian artist Marc-O-Matic.

In the section Experiences and short films in virtual reality we have production videos 360, including the short film Ready Player One Fan Film”, the Belarusian production Here And There”, the Taiwanese work Tower of Babel by the Sea and the Spanish production Ruta 360. We will also enjoy the animated art works made with 3d motors, like The Great C by Secret Location, Moss by Polyarc, or the Australian-Canadian production Perpetual Nomads.

The full list of all the selected works for this coming 4th Ranetas Virtual and Augmented Reality Festival is available in http://www.ranetas.es/index.php/realidad-virtual/4-ranetas-vr-fest/trabajos-seleccionados-4-ranetas-vr-fest

There is a short presentation of some of the selected art works for the category of Art in virtual and augmented reality available here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tv8ktpsrapU

As a novelty for this year, the prizes will be given in criptocoin Stellite.

Since 2015, nearly 100 art works from many different studies have been exhibited in this Festival (Oculus Story Studio, Google Spotlight Stories, Wevr, BBC, Future Lighthouse…) as well as national and international artist, such as the Japanese Tamiko Thiel, Rein Bijlsma from The Netherlands, the Australian Stuart Campbell, or the American Steve Teeple or Nick Ochoa…

More information about the Festival and former editions is available in www.ranetas.es

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