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5 VR Games Parents Can Play with Their Kids

Virtual Reality will take a family’s bonding session to another level. It promises a new high and exciting experience for kids. To reserve more time to play with your kids, hire expert writers from Mypaperwriter.com to handle school work and academic projects.


Developers have provided a lot of games for parents and their kids. However, only a few of these games will serve your play time well. Several factors should help you to choose the best game to play with your kids. It should be enjoyable for the kids and also to the parents.

Choose a game that gives the kids an equal chance to win. Do not go for a difficult game such that your kid struggles to play. You may also consider a game that comes with a lesson so that the time is spent constructively.

Here are excellent games to play with your kids as you pass the time or learn a few lessons.

  1. Thumper

The game involves controlling beetle through obstacles and baddies. The set comes with a pulsing soundtrack that you have to be in synch with as you guide the beetle. The graphics make the game attractive to kids and captivating to play. It is a scintillating experience to navigate through the levels and obstacles.

Developers provide a simplistic story that is attractive to kids and adults who are out to pass the time. The fact that you are controlling a bug makes it even more exciting for the kids. You will also experience fascinating lighting cycles as you go past the obstacles. The game guarantees excellent value for your time and money.

  1. Space Pirate Trainer

Space Pirate Trainer is a first-person aiming game that has utilized the length and breadth of virtual reality. The kids will enjoy weaving through the obstacles and dodging enemy attacks. Though the name suggests that the winner must draw blood, this choice has does not involve extreme bloodshed.

The player drops into a platform with robots with swords, shields, and blasters. The level of challenge escalates with each conquest. The graphics are attractive to the eyes, enabling the kids to enjoy playtime.

  1. Beat Saber

The problem with VR games is the time spent by kids sitting on the couch. An innovative range of VR games for kids has hit the market to pull these children from the coach. Beat Saber tricks your child into exercising. Children will enjoy slashing the blocks to the rhythms playing in the background.

  1. Keep Talking, and Nobody Explodes

The game hinges on communication. As long as everyone keeps talking, the bombs will not explode. Your friends talk you through the bomb detonation manual to ensure that it does not explode. It comes with a valuable lesson on communication and cooperation.

  1. Eagle Flight

Eagle Flight is an apocalyptic game simulating an instance where people are gone, and animals are ruling the earth. It is exciting for kids because it makes them feel like flying birds. It also comes with a lesson on science.

VR games offer exciting gaming experience to parents and their kids. The games also target kids of different ages and gender. The VR gaming options are endless for the entire family.

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