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7 For All Mankind VR App Takes You California Dreaming

7 For All Mankind has teamed up with leading cinematic VR specialist JauntVR and premier fashion magazine ELLE, releasing a virtual reality app called “ Visions of California” to showcase their newest Spring 2015 collection. 7 For Mankind is a Los Angeles based premium denim brand, which I personally used to own several pairs of their denim.


Fashion brands such as 7 For All Mankind, that are keen on trend and technology are starting to notice the unlimited potential of campaign, app, or promo video made using virtual reality technology that could bring them viral and powerful spread of brand message across the web.


7 for all mainkind app


JauntVR CEO, Jen Christensen told ELLE, “Collaborating with 7 For All Mankind and ELLE has been one of our most captivating projects to date, we are creating an entirely new way to share experiences and tell stories in VR, and ‘Visions of California’ shows just how powerful this new medium can be.”


In their collaborative effort, ELLE is helping to promote the app by sharing the message across their online and offline publications and media channels. ELLE has also sent out numbers of Dodocase containing the app for a number of lucky subscribers. Elle has already collaborate with JauntVR for their fashion virtual app, you can check it out on JauntVR’s homepage at here.


“Visions of California” app is available to download on all mobile devices for Android users from Google Play at this page. Here is the 2D pro of “Visions of California.”



If you are in San Francisco, Santa Monica or New York, selected 7 For All Mankind store will be displaying the app in store! The iOS version will be available soon.






“Visions of California” is a girl’s surreal fantasy of California. The California dreaming romanticism fits perfectly with the brand’s image. The girl in 7 For Mankind denim walks through different scenes in the app. When I played the app, I just followed behind her as she takes me to different virtual scene.


visions of california app


It really feels like I was walking in a film. My favorite scene was when she walked into a place that looks like Château de-Versailles or the mansion of Marie Antoinette, and another was at the beach, as the tidal wave flew over the sanded beach in my field of virtual view, my mind was at peace, I almost feel like sitting down and start meditating! That was the WOW moment from the app!


1111 (1)

One of the scene looks like Château de-Versailles, Paris, don’t you think?


We really enjoyed the “Visions of California” app, the soundtrack was amazing, reminds of the music by Jon Hopkins or M83. And Jaunt has once again done a fantastic job at cinematic virtual storytelling!


In our humble opinion, in the age of information over-flow, a well-developed and tasteful virtual app is a more effective way to promote a brand message than generic 2D brochure.


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