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The VRPolis Project Will Represent Spain in the First London Design Biennale

From 7-27 September 2016, London will be hosting at Somerset House the first Design Biennale with the theme “Utopia by Design” in homage to the 500th anniversary of the classic book “Utopia” (1516) by Thomas More. With over 35 countries participating, Spain will feature the VRPolis.


Diving into the Future” project, created by Dímelo a mí Productions (company that also organizes the International Architecture & Film Festival (FICARQ), curated by Maite Cantón and supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain, the Santander City Hall, Viesgo, inMediaStudio and HTC Vive. The project will allow visitors to stand in a virtual “realistic utopia” of the capital city of Cantabria in one hundred years.

The Spanish stand, occupying 47 square metres, will feature an artistic and audio-visual installation with a strong educating purpose. Users will be able to explore the utopic next century city: a habitat where technology, quality life standards and a healthy environment can coexist caring for the scarce natural resources and optimizing those that are green energy sources._VRPolis imagines a society completely free of fossil fuel regardless the increase in population and consumption.

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More than 50 innovation strategies related to the fields of energy, mobility, connectivity, habitat, architecture, water, waste management and environment have been implemented for the virtual reality experience; the project will show prospective and possible future developments based on emerging trends in current innovation.

In order to make the VRPolis project, it was necessary to select and study in depth some existing interest point of the city of Santander; these locations were filmed in 360-degrees, shaped and reconstructed in 3D and after that, the team had to transform every one of them and compose the optimistic and futuristic city vision. Using the HTC VR headset, the final result is a short audio-visual piece digitally created over the real city, an immersive experience of virtual reality inviting one to see the future city of Santander.

The professionals involved in this project have been a working group of the Of ficial Architects School of Cantabria (COACAN) experienced in eco-ef ficiency and sustainable construction areas, material innovation and outstanding creativity; InMediaStudio, leading enterprise in the creation of immersive experiences and audio-visual 360º techniques; and architect and set designer María Levene, who has designed spaces where the immersive experience will take place through a time tunnel.

The London Design Biennale is being produced by the team behind the London Design Festival. The curated, three-week long Biennale will overlap the Festival, bringing a new international element to London, complementing its citywide programme of commissions and partner events every two years. A new highlight of the cultural calendar, the Biennale will see some of the world’s most exciting and ambitious designers, innovators and cultural bodies gather in the capital for an exhibition exploring the role of design in our collective futures.’

GOALS resume of the project :

  1. Help people to forming an attitude to adopt innovative concepts
  2. Implementing evolved ideas based on current trends.
  3. Our focus are mediun-sized towns as they are essential for avoiding rural depopulation and urban drift and for promoting balanced territorial development.

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