The next level of VR Audio: Ultra-realistic Virtual Acoustics

3D positional audio has been accepted to be one of the key technologies for any VR & AR application. Only through 3D audio a virtual world starts to feel real. But for a convincing experience, it takes more than just 3D spatial localisation: the sound has to match the virtual environment in many different aspects. So far we have seen a lot of different space in VR, but we need to make them audible for the users too.


Dear Reality, a German technology startup, has developed the dearVR software to plunge into virtual worlds via ears. The software engine virtualizes all different kinds of acoustic settings with in depth realism to be used in audio production for virtual reality, games, 360° video, music and many more.

“Taking 3D audio for VR and games one step further, we combined positional and distance perception with ultra-realistic virtual acoustics!” announced CEO Christian Sander. “From a car to a cathedral, from a small alley to a concert arena – with the included 45 virtual acoustic presets nearly any virtual scenario can be simulated. We are convinced to provide one of the most powerful 3D audio experiences available today.“

The dearVR technology is suitable for a wide range of platforms (WIN, OSX, Android and iOS) and different media. An asset for the game engine Unity is available in the Unity Asset Store and was adjudged as „VR Essentials“ by the Unity Asset Store team. Additional Versions for Unreal Engine, FMOD and VST will follow soon, to provide a full 3D Audio production workflow.

Author: VR Reporter

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