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FaceVR Improves Hygiene And Comfort

An issue brought up over and over at public VR demonstration events is the idea of extending personal hygiene into the virtual reality head mounted displays. Walking into a VR demo event to try out demos knowing the fact that hundreds of people have already put these headsets on their faces before you is a nauseating idea to ponder about.

Even with 2 billion dollars, the best Oculus did at CES 2015 was wipe down the Crescent Bay prototype HMD prior to putting it onto the face of the next guest. This was the same with Samsung Gear VR at CES, as no one really had, or at least offered a better hygiene solution. While we enjoy the arrival of the VR revolution, most would agree personal hygiene is a to-be -improved topic for VR.


facevr ergonomic insert


Originally a Kickstarter project that had successfully raised over $30,000 USD, About Face VR is here to solve the issue by providing upgrade comfort and hygiene in head mounted displays. Their system is made up of two component parts: an ergonomic insert and microfiber foam liners that are removable and washable.


About Face System: Type MFaceVR system Type M is $36 USD to pre-order. 

About Face System: Type M+H

FaceVR System Type M+H is $48 USD to pre-order.


Face VR is also offering the option of a hygiene liner (“Type H”) designed specifically for people that provide demos for the public. The hygiene liners have an impermeable top surface layer that can be wiped down with alcohol or other disinfectant between uses.


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