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Access Sports Medicine Uses Virtual Reality to Reduce the Need for Anti-Anxiety Medication

Patients at Access Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics are now able to experience appliedVR’s virtual reality (VR) gear while waiting for their procedure to begin or while in post-operative recovery. It doesn’t matter if it’s surgical or a common in-office procedure; patients will have the option of using this technology as a distraction to calm their nerves if the experience brings them anxiety. This will be of no additional cost to patients.

A New Hampshire facility, Access Sports is one of the first in the state to offer virtual reality to their patients while they wait for medical procedures. Pre-clinical studies by appliedVR showed a 63% reduction in anxiety and clinical results showed a 24% decrease in pain when patients used the virtual reality gear. It’s also particularly effective for young patients who are often nervous in unfamiliar healthcare settings.

View this video to see how one young patient was able to benefit from using virtual reality:

As a welcomed distraction, the use of this technology has given the industry a way to reduce the need for anti-anxiety medications. In an age where the over prescribing and use of pharmaceuticals is of great concern, technological enhancements like VR are welcomed alternatives.


Access Sports Medicine & Orthopaedics is a leader in innovative orthopaedic care and services. They specialize in the prevention and treatment of disorders, injuries and illness to the muscles, bones and joints. Access sports has six locations throughout the Seacoast of New Hampshire.

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