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Explicit Adult-only Virtual Sex Game JennyVR Self-Introduction

Check out virtual reality adult sex game JennyVR. Most of the mobile VR sex games are developed with U3D, we use UE4, which gives us better quality and effectiveness. Although UE4 is very high on most mobile phones, we would like to believe that future mobile phones will be getting better and better, and good quality and effectiveness will become the mainstay. Being able to use Gear VR is our advantage. There are currently no other porn games that can use GearVR. we also have Google Cardboard version and Android phone version.



In JennyVR,players can change your girl in front of the action, clothes, scenes, color, hair. We already have an APP on the market. We intend to add more people, more content, so that players can freely choose your favorite girl for your service. Our feature is mobile HD video game.

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