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Unprecedented: Adult VR Producer Gives Free Access to the US Military Worldwide!

If you watch some VR porn videos from time to time, you must have heard about VR Bangers already – even though the virtual reality porn experiences are considered the area of expertise of these premium VR porn movies makers, occasionally they do participate in initiatives going beyond them, and it will be no different today.

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The studio has just recently announced that for the period of May 17th to May 27th – so starting one day before the Armed Forces Day and finishing on the Memorial Day itself – they will run a very special socially responsible campaign on all three of their websites (meaning, and to support the American armed forces’ members worldwide and make a sizeable charitable donation with funds gathered from their VR porn scenes.

For the time of the initiative, VR Bangers will be offering a discounted price on all of their virtual reality porn services – including their products from the straight, gay and transsexual websites sold separately or within a combined package of benefits – and 10% of everything that they will collect within this period will be donated directly to the charity supporting the American veterans. Additionally, every single member of their huge community will be able to donate through on his own – for the time being of the promotion, the makers are allowing their fans to join their fundraising with use of their dashboards within their profiles on the page, or directly after contacting the studio via email.

“We wanted to actually give something to our soldiers, and not only be talking about that like a lot of people do,” says Igor Zhivago, the Marketing Director of Virtual Reality Bangers. “We are not only giving away a part of our profit acquired during the promotion, but also want the others to join our cause – our members will be able to donate via our website and support our military on their very own!”

What is more, the company has reached out to military bases and offered them portable pocket-sized VR viewers that allow quick and easy access to their content on the go without the need for expensive and bulky equipment. Apart from that, VR Bangers are also sharing some of the gift cards for their VR porn scenes and giving them away to the soldiers and veterans in multiple army facilities – together with 2 months of complimentary access for every interested veteran or active member of the American army!

“We have done pretty much everything we could to support our troops and I am proud that we have managed to achieve that much,” says Daniel Abramovic, the CEO of Virtual Reality Bangers. “We are not only giving away – directly and indirectly – our VR content to soldiers for free and encouraging our members to join our cause, but we have also attempted to spread the word through the entire adult movies business! We believe that every single action matters and we hope that others will join our way of thinking sooner or later. After all, we really want to make America hard again. Happy Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day!”

Apart from encouraging their members to join the cause and supporting the army directly, the studio has also inspired the professional VR porn stars working together with them every day to do something for the army – special subpage on has been loaded with videos of VR porn performers inviting everyone to join the cause and promoting the entire initiative to their fans and the whole adult movies community there as well as on their social media.

If you are an active (or veteran) member of the army and you are interested in getting 2 months of subscription on for free, make sure to contact the company over here. You can also send them an email to if you have any questions about the campaign and/or would like to donate some funds directly without using the website.

To review the entire initiative and read more about the VR Bangers’ doings, make sure to join the special subpage of their promotion here.

And if you are interested in watching some VR porn scenes from these premium virtual reality porn producers, just head straight to their main page over here.

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