Advir Empowering VR&AR Developers to Monetise Through Unobtrusive Adverts

Advir, the world’s first company to provide programmatic immersive advertising in VR and AR, is set to demonstrate a unique, new method to enable developers to monetise their upcoming titles at Develop:Brighton.

Advir’s key objective is to give developers the best tools to monetize and grow the industry – to this end, they’ve teamed up with a number of companies, including Yahoo!, to create a pledge to promote unobtrusive advertising in virtual and augmented reality.

At the heart of Advir’s Unity plug-in is a commitment to unobtrusive adverts, ensuring the developers vision isn’t shattered by immersion-breaking product placement. It’s true that most internet users complain about advertising, but tolerate the disruption because they love free content more than they hate advertising. In VR/AR, the tolerance for disruption is much lower because it kills the immersion. Everything placed into a VR world needs to be native, relevant, contextual, and personalized. That’s what Advir provides to VR developers.

“If we look back at the history of media, from newspaper, TV, the web and mobile, the first thing that we can see is that they all relied on advertising to become global scale media. It’s pretty clear that it’s not going to be any different for VR,” said Samuel Huber, CEO of Advir and founder of co-founder of the VR&AR Pledge. “This is why we created Advir. We see VR developers as ‘virtual real estate developers’ more than software developers because the worlds they create are canvases for future monetisation. However, Advir doesn’t position itself as a advertising company, but as a virtual reality estate company helping them selling inventory.


“We believe that advertising will dominate but won’t be the only way to monetize VR and AR. E-commerce will be another one. In any case, every transaction happening in-app will be happening on inventory. So our focus is on developing the best tools for developers to index and sell that inventory. ”

Advir and Yahoo! Have developed six golden rules as part of a pledge promising commitment to unobtrusive advertising. The other Pledgers so far are a diverse mix; VR analytics market leader Retinad, UK based animation designers Sliced Bread Animation and immersive media specialists Eureka, among others, have joined the commitment to deliver the best possible content to consumers. Members of the VR&AR Pledge have full access to exclusive case studies, white papers and advertising insights as well as unique networking opportunities.

100 developers have signed up to Advir’s Unity plug-in beta, and the company hopes to release an Unreal Engine plug-in in the near future.

While still being a young company, Advir is combining the best elements of the modern business: social responsibility, cutting edge innovation, industry collaboration and an intimate understanding of the needs and wants of their users. The VR&AR Pledge aims to be a step forward for not only Advir and the VR industry, but industry-consumer relations.

Advir CEO, Samuel Huber, will have a booth at Develop:Brighton from 11-13 July to demonstrate Advir’s offering to developers on how, using Advir, developers can create virtual real estate they can monetize. To book an appoint please contact

For more information on the work that Advir and the VR&AR Pledge, visit and


Advir provides publishers and advertisers with programmatic immersive virtual and augmented reality software to monetize their content. They use powerful analytics from engagement and gaze tracking to audience web targeting to allow clients ways to create the best user experience.

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