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Untold Story of Africa’s Middle Class – 360 VR Immersive Journalism Video

The western media often focus way too much on reporting issues like diseases, famine, and corruptions in Africa. When we think of Africa, it somehow triggers a reminder of the famous 1993 photo taken by professional photographer Kevin Carter, “the vulture and the little girl”, where in the shocking photo the vulture waits for the sick and starving African girl to die.


Vulture and little girl

Vulture and the dying little girl


The best medium for immersive journalism is utilizing 360-degree camera recording technologies to capture every possible angle to cover a complete perspective in a given space-time.


This Seeker 360 VR video is about to change our perception of Africa. Go on a journey in the 360 experience to see the untold story of Africa’s middle class in the city of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Dar es Salaam is the home to more than 4 million people and is the largest city in the eastern Africa by population, as well as a prominent regional economic center.



It’s home to art, fashion, music, and film, as well as the leading financial center. The middle class of Africa, over the past 3 decades, have tripled and account for about 30% of Africa’s population. These are the people who ride the bus to work. They get weekends off to have fun at the beach or go to the shopping malls just like the rest of us.


Africa economic prosperity


The middle class in African have tripled and account for about 30% of Africa’s population over the past 3 decades. These are people who ride the bus to school or work and gets their weekends off to have fun at the beach or go to the shopping malls. Being a middle-class African is something that is often overlooked by western media who focus primarily on the larger issues that are affecting the continent. These are educated people with jobs, securities, and opportunities. People categorized as middle class in Africa is defined as those who spend 2~20 USD per day.




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If you are accessing this 360 video from a computer, be sure to use the latest Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Opera web browsers. For an immersive mobile phone experience, use a cardboard headset and make sure to download the latest YouTube app for iOS and Android.


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