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Porn Star Alina Lopez Enjoys an ‘In-Her-View’ for VR Bangers Scene

Starlet Alina Lopez enjoys a hardcore “In-Her-View” for VR Bangers. The new scene is now streaming.

“Have you ever wanted to find out how it really feels to be a professional porn star? We are talking about the women who know exactly how to move their bodies in front of a camera and have mastered all the dirtiest tricks and techniques that will successfully make even the most horny guy climax while watching their productions,” a studio rep said.

“The effect becomes the stronger when combined with sophisticated VR porn technology in 6K ultra-high definition, as you can’t hide anything from a top-notch virtual reality camera, and in full 3D, 360-degrees your every move matters and will be recorded.”

For the new vignette, Lopez “reveals all her personal secrets on how to become such a star and how it feels to live a life inside of the professional porn business,” said the rep. “Alina is a professional VR porn star and she knows exactly what is she talking about. The girl has starred in plenty of different VR porn fantasies in the past, so inside of this sexy interview she is ready to share all her deepest hidden details with every member of the VR Bangers family. In time, naturally, she is ready to proceed with some practical examples of her talents.”

Xander Jones, lead producer for VR Bangers, notes that fans still have questions about VR porn and how it works.

“Our way of (filming) is not a mystery. We are doing everything openly and are happy to share the details of our methods with the others,” he said. “We came up with this latest VR porn movie of ours starring Alina. She has been tasked to sit in front of our VR camera and tell our members a little something about the industry, in time passing from theory into much more pleasurable practice.”

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