Allie home 360 camera review

ALLie Home 360 Degree Home Monitoring Camera Open Box Review

ALLie Home is a very useful camera for home monitoring 360 videos. With this camera, never again will you miss capturing important moments of your lives, especially inside the home. You will never miss filming your child’s first steps, what your pet is doing while you are away, or what wild animals are sneaking into your backyard. The images are captured with dual 8-megapixel sensors providing 4096 x 2048 resolution.

360 Camera Comparison Guide

Wall mounts

Allie Home Come w/ Night Vision Function

The camera can be easily attached to walls with the included hardware, and can be easily controlled by mobile devices. It has built-in night vision, you can ensure that every possible angle is recorded even during night time. The camera is also capable to live-stream on YouTube.

Technical specifications

Field of View: 360 degree x 360 degree
Lenses: 2 glass lenses
Memory: 8GB
Camera: full color with digital zoom
Resolution: 2048 x 2048@20fps per sensor (8MP total)
Audio: built-in speaker and microphone
Size: 3”x3”x3.5”
Weight: 10 ounces
Night vision: 10 x IR LEDs internal
Power: AC power adapter (input 100-240V 5A; output 9V 1A)
Color options: black or white


Using the ALLie Home and ALLie Go requires the presence of high-speed Wi-Fi connection, mobile devices and/or desktop computer. The cloud recording function enables users to go back in time and see what happened while they were gone in every possible angle.


The apps are compatible with PCs, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. The app allows users to control the camera, change settings, and preview footages on smartphone. The app also enable users to trim-and-cut clips, delete captured content, and go into VR mode for previews using a cardboard headset.


Pressing the play button on the phone can allow users to interact with the video. Users can swipe, zoom, or pull in any direction. Content can also be easily shared on YouTube and Facebook. Click on the play button to interact with the video on the phone. Once the video is playing, swipe or pull in any direction to view different areas of the room.

How to Stream Live 360 on YouTube



ALLie Go



The ALLie Go is a portable battery pack with SD card that allows two hours of recording. If you have an earlier version of the camera, you may be required to perform a manual update. Please check the following video tutorial for firmware update.

Allie HomeOpen Box Test Conclusion


ALLie home

AllieCam w/ Simple Instruction & Ease of Set-up

The ALLie Home is an ideal 360 camera for indoor monitoring. You will get the best quality footage if you place the camera in the center of the room. The image quality is actually really good compared to the price. The setup instructions were very straight forward. It took less than 10 minutes to unbox and get everything up and running.


User can select “Home” or “Away” mode on their smartphone app. For live previews, we found that “Home” mode may take a bit of delay up to 1-2 seconds depending on the distance from wi-fi spot of phone and camera. In “ Away” mode the delay may go up to 20 seconds.


Our experience with this camera was contrary to other Amazon user reviews. Some user complained about a bluetooth connection issue, we experience no problem getting the app to connect via bluetooth. Some people also reported difficult to share content to social media, which we found it easy to do.


If you ever experience a connection issue, try disconnecting the camera. Once you have successfully paired a mobile device to the camera, if you ever want to connect the camera to another mobile device, you must delete the current device in “setting”. This is because that ALLie Home is a home camera and the company takes customer’s content privacy seriously, therefore a hardware reset is always required on a new device.


After that you will need to do a factory reset by holding the reset button in a small hole on the bottom of the camera, so it will forget its security keys and cloud associated with it and you will be able to start over again with a new device. Please note that this is not an actual button that you have to press down, you simply put your finger on top of the button and wait for the click sound.



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