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ALLie 360 Degree Camera Delivers 360 Video Livestreamed VR Surgery at The International Bariatric Club Symposium

“New VR and 360 video platforms enable top surgeons and students to be fully immersed in 360-degree, livestreamed surgery as it’s taking place, furthering educational opportunities for medical professionals everywhere”

Dr. Ariel Ortiz Lagardere, MD, FACS, IFASMBS, of the Obesity Control Center in Baja, Mexico has partnered with the ALLie Camera to perform surgery and have it livestreamed from the VR camera, via 360 video and viewed by more than 100 top surgeons through virtual reality (VR) headsets.

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The revolutionary event will take place on Friday, July 15 at 2:25 p.m. PT during the 18th Annual International Bariatric Club Symposium, comprised of hundreds of dedicated experts from around the world who specialize in bariatric and metabolic medicine and surgery. The event takes place on the heels of Dr. Ortiz’s groundbreaking bariatric surgery livestreamed just last month using the ALLie Camera. Now, he is taking the technology one step further by allowing fellow colleagues to experience another surgery firsthand through VR.

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While technology in the medical industry is continuing to advance, medical errors such as misdiagnoses, ‘botched’ surgeries and medication errors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S., and experts believe that lack of hands-on professional experience is partly to blame. With the introduction of low-cost VR headsets, practicing surgeons and current students can now be immersed in any scenario, giving them a completely interactive educational experience in a risk-free environment.

“We are blazing the trail for surgeons around the world by bringing these incredibly interactive and immersive 360 video technologies into the operating room,” said Dr. Ortiz. “Together with the team at ALLie, our sights are focused on continuing to further the educational possibilities that 360-degree cameras and VR headsets can bring to medical learning environments.”

The ALLie Camera is the world’s first 360 everyday use video camera with 24/7 viewing, recording, live streaming, still-capturing, social sharing and VR viewing capabilities – allowing users to see it all, all the time. Because the view angle can be controlled by each viewer to see the entire surgical area, users can simply set it up in the room and not worry about camera angles or blind spots for their audience. It doesn’t require batteries and can be mounted on walls and ceilings or stand on most surfaces. Unlike any other 360 video cameras, ALLie is the only camera that gives users the ability to record video all the time, making it the perfect solution for capturing medical training scenarios in clear 4K resolution, and getting a fully immersive experience through its VR headset. It also boasts a true 360 x 360 view, and is more affordable than most 360 video solutions on the market, making it available to a wider range of users both in a professional and consumer setting.

“The ALLie Camera is perfectly suited to capture the clearest, most reliable view of these elaborate surgeries with a vantage point enabling the highest sense of presence possible for viewers,” said Dmitry Kozko, CEO of ALLie Camera. “We are proud to partner with Dr. Ortiz and the IBC to pioneer more engaging training experiences for future surgeons.”1

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About ALLie 360 Degree Camera

ALLie is a leading immersive experience and 360 video technology company. The company makes the 360-degree ALLie Camera and accompanying mobile apps and VR headset that allows consumers to see it ALL and be there when they’re not – in real-time or recorded. ALLie’s everyday use products are patented and aim to provide users peace-of-mind around life events as well as baby, pet, elderly or home care, while ensuring they never miss any of life’s most precious moments. The company is a subsidiary of IC Real Tech and based in Miami, FL.

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