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Allwinner Technology: A New Generation of VR9 Virtual Reality Dedicated Processor Makes its Global Debut

Allwinner Technology Co., Ltd. has officially released the VR9 virtual reality dedicated chip at its APC 2017 conference. Featuring powerful VR video processing capabilities, built-in VR dedicated low latency acceleration module portal 1.0 and dual-engine direct drive dual-screen system. One major breakthrough was to achieve panoramic 6K visual effects with support for expansive camera positioning. This will enable customer to build a new generation of standalone VR devices.

With the industry predicting that shipments in the global VR will grow by 359% over the next six years, forward thinking individuals are already pioneering and taking advantages of this opportunity. Allwinner’s VR9 processor features interactivity and immersion at its core and utilizes 10 years of accumulated experience is video processing. The result is a dedicated solution with support that provides the basis for next generation devices that are capitalizing on this growth.

The VR9 processor uses quad ARM A53 core CPU architecture, an independent single core 32KB L1 I-cache + 32KB L1 D-cache, shared 512KB L2 cache, with MaliT760 GPU and support for OpenGLES 3.2 and OpenCL 1.1. It is compatible with a variety of flash memory formats, with its display supporting HEVC 6K @ 30fps, HEVC / VP9 4k @ 60fps and other leading video decoding technologies. Other features include dual-drive dual-display unit, Portal 1.0 VR dedicated acceleration module and Smartcolor3.0 intelligent display engine. The VR9 processor with high-performance, low-power and heat characteristics, solves issues relating to prolonged use such as cooling and noise. Equipped with customized professional power management IC, it offers over-voltage over-current protection to ensure that the using derivative products will be safe for the end user.

Using a cost effective dual engine double display unit the VR9 processor produces two separate images for each eye simultaneously. In addition to providing the foundations for more compact devices other improvements include a wider FOV with higher PPI making images appear more vividly. With improved display, stability, power consumption and performance the VR9 offers a great value platform on which new products that can help drive growth of the VR industry can be based on.

Portal 1.0 is a hardware-level VR dedicated acceleration module, with ATW asynchronous time distortion, anti-dispersion, anti-distortion and other powerful features. ATW’s algorithm can reduce the screen delay (<20ms), not halo, offering a feeling of real immersion and give the user a first class experience. VR is one of Allwinner Technology’s core focus’s representing significant R&D investment. By adding a separate hardware module. Allwinner’s overall VR solution can significantly reduce heat dissipation, power consumption and increases the overall performance by more than 30%.

Allwinner’s goal for the VR9 was to offer the most immersive experience possible, to achieve this a sensor hub unit was integrated into the processor. The dedicated “SensorHUB” unit has a very small power consumption footprint and achieves 1,000 times per second real-time capture, doubling the 9-axis sensor processing capacity, making the head tracking experience run more smoothly and includes an in-body 6 DOF spatial positioning interactive system. In addition to the headset unit there is also an array of support for peripheral devices via Bluetooth.

The VR9 all-in-one processor has been fully integrated into Google’s open ecology, based on Android 7.1 (Daydream Edition) development platform. To support major manufacturers VRrom is available with core application software built-in. Support for open content customization allows developers to evolve the ecosystem. Allwinner provides a complete VR solution allowing customers access to build a customized VROS with a wide range of customizable options and better tailor the solution to their target market.

About Allwinner Technology:

Zhuhai – Allwinner Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading intelligent application processor SoC and intelligent analog chip design company. The company’s main products are multi-core smart terminal application processors and intelligent power management ICs.

With an excellent and dedicated R & D team focused on innovation and optimization, Allwinner Technology specializes in areas such as ultra-high-definition video codecs, high-performance CPU / GPU multi-core integration, advanced technology, high integration, ultra-low power consumption at an industry-leading level, the global tablet PC, high-definition video, mobile internet devices and the intelligent power management market, of which it is one of the mainstream suppliers.

Cell Number: +86-138-2301-1766
Email: eva.wu@allwinnertech.com

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