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Altspace VR Presents A Virtual Platform For Work & Entertainment

AltspaceVR is a Redwood City, California based virtual reality startup. With a impression venture-backed first round seed funding investment of 5.2 million.


altspace seed funding sum

Altspace Recieved $5.2 Million in Seed Funding

A-list Investors include Haystack Fund, Raine Ventures, Formation 8, Lux Capital, Foundation Capital, Google Ventures , Rothenberg Ventures, Dolby Family Ventures, Startcaps, Western Technology Investment.


altspace demo hangout

Your avatar could simulate your body motion and interact inside Altspace platform!

Altspace Encourges People From Around The World to Interact In Virtual Space

AltspaceVR is bringing real-world socializing activities and online social media behaviors into a shared virtual space or platform.


A virtually shared community in virtual 3D. Check out the below demo from Altspace team. These people were basically having a virtual jamboree in there, how fun!!!


How would you like to have a New York warehouse style loft for office? Now you can just login Altspace and work inside this cool space!

This is a video from Altspace booth at CES 2015 captured by Slash Gear Team!

virtual hangout altspace

Take a virtual seat and enjoy a movie with your friends inside Altspace!

A Virtual World That’s Only Limited By Our Imagination

Users can enter and interact inside the virtual space alone, or with friends, family or colleagues.


The function of the Altspace virtual space is potentially unlimited, entertainment and work-related activities and task performances are just a tip of the iceberg of what Altspace could offer to its users!


People around the world will no longer be bounded by their physical location and time zone difference. Friends, family, colleagues or even strangers from different parts of the world can log into Altspace to meetup, play, mingle, work, shop and interact!




Imagine what you can do inside Altsapce! You can enjoy sport events with friends, play virtual games in team, have a virtual office meeting, enter the virtual world to write a love letter for your girlfriend / boyfriend on VR headset and a virtual keyword ( some personal privacy for your cute little romance! ) Along with a hand motion sensor and tracking device to interact with the keyboard.


Users will interact in Altspace using their own customized avatars. Body and motion will be simulated using motion sensor. There are several ultra-sensitive and precise motion sensors available today that would do the job.


However, from Altspace’s video demos, we haven’t notice any sign of facial gesture simulation being supported or presented. It would be more emotional and addictive user-experience if facial expression could be simulated and supported in the future update.


altspace beta invitation

The Altspace beta invite is currently open!

Join Altspace Beta Invite & Experience It For Yourself

When entering the Altspace virtual world, users are guided by a user-friendly interface to navigate the users within the space, the icons are presented in hologram and augmented reality, users will use mouse curve or hand motion sensor controller to move and navigate.


ces 2015 altspace booth

People were testing out and interacting with Altspace enthusiastically! Image Source: Computer World


It is much easier for one to understand how it feels like when interacting inside Altspace’s virtual platform by actually trying it out! The free beta is open on this beta invite page. You will usually get the approved login the next day.


Altspace team will be at SVVR ( Silicon Valley Virtual Reality ) Conference & Expo 2015. We’ll be at the conference and bring you the latest news coverage of Altspace.


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