SpringboardVR Announces LBE+Educational Content Licensing and Management Suite for Oculus Quest

Educators and LBE operators alike will soon have access to an Oculus Quest solution that includes both a content marketplace and SpringboardVR’s management suite. 

Operators will be able to browse and license from a growing content marketplace of Oculus Quest content, remotely deploy content fleet-wide to their Oculus Quest headsets and manage those headsets from any computer. 

Developers working on Educational, Entertainment or Training titles for the Oculus Quest that are interested in monetizing will now have access to a network of locations and a commercial licensing platform for their content. 

The SpringboardVR management suite is currently used by VR Arcades, LBE Operators and Educational institutions at 500+ locations in 45 countries and includes a 360°, Netflix-style content launcher, time tracking, remote launching, mobile device management, and a flexible online scheduler that integrates with Paypal, Stripe, and Square. 

The content marketplace includes entertainment as well as educational titles with commercial licensing options that include per-minute licensing, monthly, and annual licensing.

SpringboardVR is currently doing a beta signup for educational institutions and LBE operators that are interested in using the Oculus Quest with this kind of solution. SpringboardVR is also onboarding new Oculus Quest content daily from interested studios. 

Operators or developers that are interested can find more information here: 

Author: VR Reporter

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