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Adult Actress Ana Foxxx Flexes in New VR Porn Scene, ‘Black Swan’

Ebony babe Ana Foxxx is featured in a new virtual reality scene, the ballet-themed “Black Swan,” called “the most flexible VR porn fantasy ever.”

According to VR Bangers, even though we all love to have sex, not everyone can be as good at it as professional adult movie performers are.

“Black Swan” is available here.

Fans can check out Ana’s profile here.

“Let’s be fair: we all lack both some skills and experiences to compete with some real pros,” says a studio spokesperson. “Kamasutra, an ancient Indian Hindu book of practical advice on sexual intercourse may not be within the range of us, the ordinary mortals, and somebody had to eventually do something about that.”

In response, the studio decided to cooperate with one of the most flexible girls in the industry to shoot some of the hardest and most demanding sexual positions in 6K Ultra High Definition, 3D 180-degree video.

“It was hard to choose an appropriate girl for such a demanding scene, but when I first met Ana Foxxx, I instantly knew that she will do just fine in it,” says producer Alex Nash. “This beautiful ebony babe really has some real-life experiences with ballet, so this entire initiative was very familiar and natural to her — and that is pretty much why she has done so well in front of our virtual reality porn camera while we were shooting this film.”

Nash notes Ana knows exactly how to expose her body in front of the camera to show herself off from the best possible side, while remaining tense, stretched and open to the director’s ideas, and even though the scene is not related to the Kamasutra, it did require some advanced skills from this performer.

“I had a lot of doubts when we were getting ready to produce this scene,” Nash adds. “It may look and sound like an easy idea, but the original plan when it comes to positions was really… bold, so we were not sure if Ana was really capable of doing all of these.”

“However, as soon as we started recording, this talented actress dispelled my entire skepticism and surprised me very positively — and now she too can be an equally huge revelation to all our fans and members,” Nash concludes. “This potentially simple scenario is a proof that if you have the right skills, it is possible to create something special at a low cost — especially when surrounded by some young talent like Ana.”

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