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The ANMLY Model A: Redefining Smartphone VR With Built-In High-Fidelity Audio

“ANMLY to Launch an Affordable, Universal, Immersive Smartphone VR System for the Holiday Season”

Virtual Reality company ANMLY announced today that the ANMLY Model A Smartphone VR system, and companion app, will launch in time for the holiday shopping season. The Model A is an affordable, universal VR system with built-in high-fidelity audio for a truly immersive virtual reality experience from any smartphone.

Featuring on-ear or over-ear headphone designs and innovative, patent-pending VR technology, the Model A delivers rich virtual worlds with 45mm lenses for sharp, realistic images, crystal-clear audio and substantial bass.

“What’s out there now on the market is too big, too expensive, or is unattractive and incompatible with your phone,” said Mikie Krisztal, founder and CEO of ANMLY. “On top of that, almost none of them have an audio solution. We set out to create something that is accessible, fully immersive, durable and portable.”

The free ANMLY companion app provides access to a wide variety of curated virtual reality content ranging from backstage concert experiences, to sports, to education and meditation. Additionally, the Model A is compatible with hundreds of other apps and VR experiences, including YouTubeVR, DiscoveryVR, Veer, Within, and RelaxVR, among others.

“There is so much untapped potential for virtual reality that consumers still don’t realize,” said Krisztal. “It’s been used to help ease anxiety and the symptoms of PTSD, and also in educational settings as an outlet to bring the experience of different cultures and places to students. It’s one thing to watch the Northern Lights on TV, but it’s something entirely different to stand under them and look up.”

The ANMLY Model A retails for $70 for the on-ear version and $80 for the over-ear version, making it accessible for people interested in virtual reality but deterred by the cost or limitations of high-quality systems currently on the market. For an additional $10, ANMLY also offers a headset with a lightning cable option, perfect for the new iPhones that do not have a headphone jack.

“We think that the lack of a ‘go-to’ iPhone option is one of the major things holding VR back,” said Krisztal. “That’s why we thought it was important to deliver a perfect experience for the current iPhone, iPhone X and beyond – with a brand and product designed to fit the lifestyle of an iPhone user.”

Key features include:

  • universal system fits most standard smartphones (works best with phones from 4″ to 5.7″)
  • no special operating system required
  • built-in high-fidelity audio
  • 45mm lenses for superior visuals
  • modular construction – can swap out colors, upgrade components and take apart for cleaning
  • headset body dimensions of 5″ wide x 4″ deep are smaller and less bulky than other headsets
  • durable EVA foam body is rugged, unbreakable and water resistant
  • stylish design available in a variety of colors
  • Free, curated ANMLY app available for both iOS and Android

Building on its successful Kickstarter campaign, ANMLY has launched an Indiegogo campaign to allow more people to become early backers of the Model A and help with its introduction into the holiday marketplace.


ANMLY (pronounced anomaly) offers virtual reality for the people. Founded by a group of audio and design experts, ANMLY marries the virtual world with the immersive power of high-fidelity audio to provide the first truly universal mobile VR experience for the masses.

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