The announcement of the VR horror action for the HTC VIVE

The RELOADWORLD studio is glad to declare about the development of the new VR project for the HTC VIVE – Cradle of Links VR. Players will feel the real horror in a horror action with a deep and thoroughly developed world. The gameplay of the project is founded on the dynamic stages of a battle with terrible creatures and of solving of various interactive tasks, and of movement, which in the contrary to many similar games will be free. By controlling the character you will be able to walk through the streets, and not just “teleport” from one point to another.


Steam page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=784493059

The action of the game will transfer you to Great Britain, in 1860, to the hunting grounds in a small town. For about twelve months ago here the unknown infection began to extend, destroying promptly population of the city. The majority of inhabitants painfully perished, having immortalized forever the old streets with their disfigured bodies as if monuments to a celebration of plague. Boundaries of the city became a quarantine zone, nobody dared to get to their limits. The dense fog and packs of wild animals were an additional barrier to rare fools, and awful monsters who were tearing apart and devouring everything live that they will meet on their way started to inhabit houses and streets.

Features of the game:

– Complete freedom of relocation in the world of the VR game. The smooth movement, with different speed and in any direction.
– Realistic firearms – the revolver of the masters Bennet and Cole. The speed of aiming and recharge, accuracy of firing and resetting after return. It is what you will feel by means of your controllers. Everything depends only on how precise and quickly you are.
– An opportunity to transfer your own consciousness into the bodies of the earlier infected and perished residents who became a membrane. Control them and use their resources for survival and achievement of the purposes.
– Battle against nine unique opponents from the powerful hominids to the speedy and poisonous insektoids and other servants of the Roy’s Mind.
– Solve problems and look for the hidden passages and a lot more by using interactive elements, such as: torches, gearwheels, parts of mechanisms or chemical reagents and a lot more.


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