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Another Reality Announces the Global VR Art Fest and Tournament to Encourage VR Artist Collaboration

Another Reality, a social high-tech entertainment center located in Toronto, in partnership with ZIXI Tech, an innovative platform that focuses on distributing immersive content through location-based channels, announce the launch of the Global VR Art Fest and Tournament.

Another Reality co-founder Paul Rock says the festival and art tournament, taking place in 13 cities in five countries, allowing participants in the virtual reality (VR) community to mingle and get to know each other while listening to music made in VR powered by TribeXR.

“We incorporated the word ‘Fest’ before ‘Tournament’ so it’s clear the purpose of each day is not competing,” Rock said. “The whole global event provides a great opportunity to get the general public to learn more about VR, that VR is not just about gaming, that there’s art and imagination elements as well, illustrated in a fun and interactive way.”

The purpose of the contest portion of the event is to encourage more understanding in using the Tilt Brush as a tool for designing immersive environments and landscapes for others to explore, while also encouraging appreciation and understanding of the Tilt Brush art work of others.

Each participating city will have a local winner. There will also be a global winner selected and each participant has 45 minutes to draw to give everyone the same amount of time and advantage.

In 2019, ZIXI Tech was the co-organizer of the 5G+XR exhibition on the 119 floor of the Shanghai Tower. This year, ZIXI is planning to add an art element to this exhibition, featuring immersive projects created by artists from the Global VR Art Fest and Tournament.

“We wish to empower artists with this new technology and unleash their talent in a 3D unframed canvas; we also serve as a platform to help expose their artworks to a larger audience base,” said ZIXI founder Xiaotong Yang. “While encouraging appreciation and collaboration by building on top of others’ Tilt Brush artwork, the events will really showcase how VR is different than other art as it can be used for building immersive worlds.”

Each city will have a local organizer, who will promote the contest through their own networks and area contacts, with Another Reality assisting with planning, logistics, prizes and promotion. For those who would like to participate, they can contact the following organizers in these cities/areas:

Connecticut- Xperiment VR
Los Angeles- VR Territory
South Carolina- Shockwave VR
Boston- 4xVR
Shanghai- ZIXI Tech
Melbourne- Entermission
Sydney- Entermission

One of the Global VR Art Fest and Tournament prizes will be a set of a round-the-world AWE tickets from AWE and Super Ventures, a tournament sponsor.

“We immediately connected with the idea of getting people away from their computers and creating together in a spatial world,” said Ori Inbar, co-founder of AWE and Super Ventures. “On top of the creativity and community building, the tournament supports local VR vendors, and AWE has always been a home to start-ups and tech giants alike.”

The Global VR Art Fest and Tournament will also have VR DJ’s powered by TribeXR, which recently provided music at a Another Reality Twitch event.

“While the music was made entirely in VR with a VR DJ, most people assumed it was a conventional DJ making the music,” added Rock.

Rock says other local organizers are expected in Vancouver and San Francisco.

The event takes place beginning at noon Thursday, Feb. 13. The launch event takes place at Realities Centre, London’s AR and VR centre of excellence and one of the event hosts. Tickets can be purchased for the London launch event at: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/another-reality-17895819940.

“Tickets are available through each city venue, which will also give them the option to have their name included on a Times Square billboard ad,” Rock said. “The first city contest will begin in February at Realities Centre, with other cities having contests on different non-conflicting dates.”

Both the local winners and global winner of the event will be announced on Friday, May 1st, 2020.

About Another Reality
Another Reality is what a modern-day place for fun should be. It combines new and experimental technologies such as virtual reality, projection mapping, and robotics, with timeless traditional games to create the ultimate fun experience for you. In its 8,500 square feet venue located in Toronto, users find games and activities that are great for groups of people.

About Zixi Tech
ZIXI Tech is an innovative platform that focuses on distributing immersive content through location-based channels. Working with pioneering artists, ZIXI explores and curates digital art works and exhibitions from multiple media perspectives. So far, ZIXI has curated and operated many high profile events and exhibitions in premium locations, such as VR sections of Shanghai International Film Festival, Room V in Modern Art Museum, XR exhibition at Shanghai Tower. ZIXI was founded by Xiaotong Yang, who was the Head of Strategy & Partners of Jaunt China. Xiaotong oversaw content acquisition, location-based entertainment and virtual reality camera business at Jaunt China. Before joining Jaunt China, Xiaotong was a senior investment

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