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Astronaut Charlie Duke Tries Apollo 11 VR By Immersive VR Education

VR Education aka Immersive VR Education, is an Ireland based VR content production startup. VR Education is aiming to build a library of fully immersive VR experiences for education and entertainment for students and people of all ages.


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According to VR Education, the VR content library which will be continuously growing; will be covering an extensive range of topics including Biology, Geography, History, Medical, Space & Astronomy, Math, Science, Technology and beyond.



VR Education is planning to release new VR content that relates to and focuses on the important days or history events, or subject matters that is difficult for one to visualize.



“The Apollo 11 Experience” is an immersive VR experience created by VR Education that allows user to experience how it feels like to walk on the moon, from a first person field of view as the legendary astronaut Neil Armstrong; the first man to land on the moon on July 20, 1969.


apollo 11 kickstarter success


The Apollo 11 Experience was successfully funded on Kickstarter with the 1,407 backers pledged €36,623 to help bring VR experience to life. The experience in beta can be purchased on this page:


On Saturday, July 18 2015, VR Education held a VR installation at the opening event of the Gateway to Space Exhibition in Brussels. Former astronaut General Charlie Duke attended the event and tried Apollo 11 VR on Oculus Rift.


astronaut General Charlie Duke

General Charlie Duke was the backup crew for Apollo 13, and had joined Apollo 16 crew into the space and walked on the moon in 1972. Charlie clearly enjoyed the VR experience, he comments “That was intensive, that was wonderful!”


Content & Image Source: VR Education, Kickstarter


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