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Organizers Announce Final Agenda of World’s First Mixed Reality Marketing Summit Nov. 5th in NYC

Organizers of the world’s first Mixed Reality Marketing Summit announced the full and final agenda of the Mixed Reality Marketing Summit slated for National Geographic Encounter in Times Square New York City, Nov. 5th. (Register at on this page). The summit is a co-production of Mixed Reality Ventures and the VR/AR Association New York City Chapter.

Below is the full and final agenda, session descriptions and speakers of the Mixed Reality Marketing Summit:

From Science Fiction to Reality: How Hollywood is ushering the future for entertainment & why brands need to take notes

Speaker: Brett Leonard, Hollywood director, “Lawnmower Man”

Brett Leonard has been at the forefront of the VR revolution bringing us Hollywood blockbusters like Lawnmower Man and Virtuosity. He will tell us why science fiction is now a reality and where content and marketing are heading.

Why Mixed Reality is Now Truly Ready for Primetime

Speaker: Raj Puran, Director of Client VR Business Development & Strategic Partnerships, Intel

After three decades of awkward equipment and many experiments, mixed reality is finally here and ready for prime time with streamlined devices and immersive experiences that will transform the way we shop, enjoy sports, experience films, communicate, create content, travel, exercise, visit doctors, date, and much, much more. The implications of this next tech revolution are staggering for marketers.

The Power of Play & The Rise of Camera Marketing

Speaker: Carolina Arguelles, Head of AR Monetization Product Strategy for Snap

While the past 10 years have been about Social Media Marketing, the next 10 will introduce a new form of marketing — Camera Marketing. People everywhere are exploring the world through their camera and want to create content on behalf of brands because it’s fun, useful, or relevant. At Snapchat we believe play is powerful and have built an ecosystem of products around the camera, including Lenses an AR format. Since the launch of Lenses, Snapchat has aired more than 100,000 AR experiences resulting in more than 250,000 years of playtime. What we’ve learned is that a mobile strategy without the camera is not a mobile strategy.

Creating Content in the New Era of Mixed Reality Marketing

Speakers: Chris Bobotis, Director Immersive, Adobe; Gabriele Corcos, celebrity Chef

Moderator: Amy LaMeyer, ARVR Academy

Just when brands thought they had figured out story telling for the digital age comes mixed reality, and yep, story telling with mixed reality is vastly different, and, when done right, much more engaging and effective. In this session, we’ll discuss how brands need to approach story telling with mixed reality.

Start with Strategy: Planning Your Brand’s Road Map for Mixed Reality Marketing

Speaker: John Buzzell, President of You Are Here Labs

Mixed Reality is a fairly new medium for marketers. How should your brand approach this space? We’ll discuss the key considerations needed for planning your brand’s future in mixed reality, from identifying key opportunities to developing a roadmap.

VR’s Killer App: It’s a Platform, Not a Product

Speaker: Matthew Cooney, VR AR Technologist

While some may consider VR a mature technology, a significant dearth of quality content is preventing users from spending a significant time (and budget) on VR experiences. But is an over-emphasis on creating the next big campaign the problem? Understanding what will accelerate mass adoption of VR means evolving your understanding of how it will be used. In this talk, we’ll look at how organizations can shift their perspectives on VR to maximize engagement, minimize costs, and ultimately, generate profit.

Q&A with Dorothy Dowling, CMO of Best Western

Speaker: Dorothy Dowling, CMO, Best Western Hotels

Moderator: Kerry Flynn, Digiday

Best Western’s Dorothy Dowling is one of the nation’s most innovative and most respected Fortune 100 CMOs in the nation. In this fireside chat, Dorothy will unpack why Best Western has become a brand pioneer in the AR/VR space and what they’ve learned about creating customer journeys that are effective and deliver ROI.

The Evolution of eCommerce with Immersive Tech

Speaker: Arun Batra, General Manager of Digital Operations, Wayfair

Immersive Commerce is about to get very real. In this exciting session, we’ll take an in-depth look at the way shopping is evolving in the MR space.

Thinking Outside The Headset: The Next Generation of Mixed Reality Marketing

Speakers: Alan Smithson, CEO of Metavrse; Nathan PettyJohn, Founder of the VR/AR Association and CMO, Quantum Capture; Rene Amador, Founder, ARWALL; Diego Medina, Vice President, Advanced Advertising Products, ;Viacom;

Moderator: Sam Wolfe, Founder of Pitch FWD

Even though headsets and other versions of lenses are the dominant ways most of us think about mixed reality marketing, storytelling is evolving way beyond headsets to include handsets and other devices. In this session, we’ll learn how app and software developers are creating innovative ways for consumers to experience MR beyond the headsets.

Looking at AR From a Social Lens

Speaker: Chris Barbour, AR Camera & Content Creation Partnerships Lead, Facebook

Imagine an AR world on top of our current world – where every time you raise your phone you see AR experiences all around you. Now, imagine the possibilities that come as a creator. You have the ability to influence and contribute to an entirely new medium by connecting your customers with the wonder and excitement of a new digital world. The potential is there – from digital product demos to virtual pop-up shops customers are ready to interact with your brand in revolutionary ways. The perception that creating AR experiences can be onerous is misleading. In reality, it has never been easier to get started.

Join Chris Barbour, AR Camera & Content Creation Partnerships Lead at Facebook, as he demonstrates how you can get started in AR. Chris will walk attendees through powerful examples of how (with the help of machine learning) marketers, creatives, and anyone with a laptop can create engaging and memorable AR experiences on behalf of their companies, brands and agencies. Whether you’re an AR developer looking for inspiration or a hobbyist trying to wrap your mind around the possibilities of AR you will leave this session excited to hit the ground running, creating powerful experiences in a new digital world.

Agency Roundtable

Speakers: Resh Sidhu, Creative Director, AKQA; Lucas Kappaz, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer, VR Americas; Johanna Salazar-Cumming, Co-Founder & Chief Media Disrupter, Two Goats; Miguel Sanchez, Founder and Creative Director, Mass Ideation

Moderator: Lisa Buyer, Founder, The Buyer Group

Agency leaders talk about the opportunities, challenges and ideas that are top of mind as they help companies embrace mixed reality.

How Pokemon Go! and Disney Started the Next Revolution

Speakers: John Zuur Platten – former creative director at Niantic – Pokemon Go!; Charlie Fink, VR AR Consultant, Author and Forbes Columnist

Moderator: Stewart Rogers

Even though VR has been with us for more than three decades, it wasn’t until Pokemon Go! that the marketing industry finally began to see the possibilities of VR/AR. The creative lead of Niantic joined by a former Disney executive talk on stage in a refreshing and entertaining look back at the lessons they’ve learned building pop culture phenomenas like Pokemon Go! and The Lion King. They will also share what they believe brands can do today to create the next big brand idea with AR/VR.

The Next Wave of Experiential Marketing

Speakers: Joanna Popper, Global Head of Virtual Reality for Location Based Entertainment at HP; Lee Keebler, VR AR Consultant; Spandana Govindgari, Cofounder at Hype AR; Cortney Harding, Founder, Friends With Holograms

Moderator: Keisha Howard, founder, Sugar Gamers

Experiential marketing is getting greatly enhanced by immersive technology. It’s changing location based entertainment, as well as how we market our brands at events and how consumers engage with companies. This panel will explore the next wave of experiential marketing.

Closing Keynote: Future Forward: Where do we go from here?

Speaker: Cathy Hackl, MRV Partner

Cathy Hackl, one of the top women in the AR/MR/VR industry talks about what’s next for marketers and creative professionals.

Other Mixed Reality Marketing Summit sponsors include Intel, Hype, ARWall, Media Village, VR Voice, PRODU, and Exma.

This event is for entrepreneurs, CMOs, agency managers/owners, educators and any professional in the marketing, digital, communications, advertising and public relations industries, who are interested in learning from some of the world’s leading VR/AR marketing leaders and want to future-proof their careers for the coming revolution in mixed, augmented and virtual reality marketing.

To inquire about sponsoring or exhibiting at the event, please contact sponsor@MixedRealityVentures.co.

About Mixed Reality Ventures
Mixed Reality Ventures, LLC (MRV) is the holding company for the Mixed Reality Marketing Summits (www.MixedRealityMarketingSummit.com) and an early stage fund for mixed reality platforms targeting Latin America, the Iberian Peninsula, and developing markets. MRV was co-founded by Manny Ruiz, founder of the iconic U.S. Hispanic Market event Hispanicize, Fernando Anzures, CEO of Latin America’s premier marketing conference EXMA, and Cathy Hackl, one of the immersive industry’s top innovators. MRV is based in Miami with an affiliate office in Mexico City.

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