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Ascape VR Launches San Francisco Tour In 4K 360° Cinematic VR Experience

Ascape launched the world’s first San Francisco guided tour VR app for Android users. iOS version will be released in the near future.


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The San Francisco based VR startup ( ) is founded by Daniel Moroz and a team of VR filmmakers, developers and immersive content producers in 2015.


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San Francisco is one of the world’s coolest city with its diversity and rich culture!


San Francisco is among one of my favorite cities around the world, and Ascape app shows you the best of San Francisco. The app takes you to the famous tourist sites of San Francisco, as well as some of hidden spots of the city such as Balmy Alley and the Musee Mechanique.


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The San Francisco tour is titled – You Are Here: San Francisco, guided by Stuart Schuffman, the host of IFC’s 2011 travel show Young, Broke, and Beautiful.


You Are Here: San Francisco is the first in the You Are Here series. Ascape VR’s intends to capture the most fascinating cities in the US in immersive 360 4K videos, and become the number 1 platform for VR travel content.


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The Ascape team is currently showcasing You Are Here: San Francisco at Kaleidoscope 2015 nationwide tour as one of the featured film.


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