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VR Bangers’Atomic Blonde’ Katy Jayne and ‘Big In Japan’ Marica Hase Plays in VR Bangers Porn Scenes

VR Bangers has released “Atomic Blonde” and “Big in Japan,” two new VR scenes starring Katy Jayne and Marica Hase respectively.

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“Atomic Blonde” is described by VR Bangers as “a full-of-action VR porn scene,” where the user is interrogated by blonde bombshell Katy Jayne.

“This busty VR porn performer is a real life badass chick who knows how to fight for her rights,” said the VR Bangers rep. “Inside of this brand new VR porn video, she will use her charisma from her IRL personality to get everything she wants from every VR Bangers member wearing a pair of VR goggles. Even though the interrogation methods of this amazing lady with enormous tits are rather unconventional, we believe that you are going to be positively surprised after diving inside of this VR porn scene.”

“You know, getting your ass interrogated does not necessarily have to mean something bad for you,” said VR Producer Xander Jones. “We know that losing your freedom over a busty blonde girl could be intimidating, but think about that differently – you are here, wearing your VR headset and watching the situation develop with no control over anything, yet at the same time knowing that this is just a VR porn scene and it will definitely surprise you with a very ‘happy ending’. What could possibly go wrong?”

“Big in Japan” is a sexy maid fantasy VR scene starring Marica Hase. After the user hires this top Japanese porn star to take care of all house duties, it is revealed that she can also be paid “something extra for a well-deserved ‘premium service.’”

“We know that life could get a whole lot more enjoyable if you are surrounded by some beautiful girls, and we like to use that fact inside of our VR porn movies,” said Jones. “In our latest 6K UHD VR porn video, Marica Hase is impersonating a professional maid and she will do her best to stand up to the high expectations of our virtual reality porn community — we made sure that she has a lot to offer, so we do not plan on letting any of our devoted members down.”

VR Bangers boasts “super high-quality virtual reality porn video in up to 6K ultra high definition with binaural sound,” providing members “the biggest levels of immersion attainable at this very moment.”

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