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AVATOUR 360 Degree Remote Beta Program Launch

“360-degree Remote Presence Business Solutions Offered in Limited Beta”

​Imeve, the experts in live, 360-degree VR technology, has announced beta availability of their groundbreaking, new AVATOUR Remote Presence platform. AVATOUR enables real-time, immersive virtual visits to any location, using readily available off-the-shelf hardware. An exclusive Beta Program is being launched this September, giving businesses across the U.S. early access to help shape the way for live, 360-degree remote presence solutions.

The AVATOUR platform allows remote participants to join in a real place, in real-time, using inexpensive and mobile 360-degree capture technology. Up to five attendees from anywhere in the world can use a VR headset, or any mobile device/desktop, to join in at the host’s location.

Imagine remote guests placing the virtual headset on and being transported to wherever you are and see your surroundings. Meeting hosts can then give live walkthroughs of wherever they are while speaking live to guests.

The AVATOUR use cases are vast, ranging from live remote property tours to project progress reviews and inspections. A contractor in California can bring a specialized engineer located in New York on-site in a matter of minutes. A realtor can offer remote buyers a live, personal walkthrough of properties, no matter where they are located. The AVATOUR platform will save businesses time and money while helping them close deals and solve problems faster. Target industries for the platform include real estate and property investing, architecture and engineering, construction, training, education and hospitality.

The Beta Program launches early September and runs through Nov. 30, 2019. Oct. 15, 2019, is the last day to register for eligibility of the program. Businesses will be given premiere access to the AVATOUR product while working closely with the Imeve team to help drive the product roadmap, in addition to receiving the advantage of customizing product specs to their needs. As the technology is the first of its kind, there are many untapped opportunities in which businesses can utilize AVATOUR to their advantage.

About Imeve

Imeve is a world leader in technology for live, 360-degree video and virtual reality. Founded in January 2018 by key members of the groundbreaking Nokia OZO team, Imeve has enabled some of the highest-profile live VR events in history, including Coachella and the UEFA Champions League playoffs. Their new AVATOUR platform is the world’s first multiparty, immersive remote presence service, with a wide variety of applications across industries.

For more information please contact: info@imeve.com


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