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Avegant Brings Light Field to Mixed Reality

Avegant has brought the promise of immersion one-step closer to reality with the announcement it will bring its patent-pending Light Field technology to head-mounted displays, “enabling up close and personal interaction with stunningly vivid virtual objects.”

According to the company, its Light Field technology solves one of mixed reality’s greatest challenges — by enabling virtual objects to appear real at distances both near and far, using multiple focal planes for augmented and mixed reality applications “across a wide spectrum of professional and personal uses.”

The result is a head-mounted display based on the company’s flagship high-definition Glyphpersonal theater, which offers “high-resolution, bright and vivid colors on a pixel-free display to maximize the viewing experience while avoiding eye strain,” and delivers “ultra-high quality, detailed virtual objects that appear to be right at your fingertips, resulting in a more realistic and interactive experience.”

It is also the foundation of an accessible ecosystem supporting major hardware and software platforms, such as Unity.

“Mixed reality will change the way we teach, learn, work and play,” says Avegant CEO Joerg Tewes. “Avegant created the first complete mixed reality solution for hardware and software developers to create sharp, brilliant virtual objects within arm’s reach.”

“At Avegant we are reimagining screens,” CTO Edward Tang explains, noting that “The biggest stumbling block for mixed reality today is creating crystal clear images that are within one meter.”

“Without this capability, most mixed reality use cases simply can’t materialize,” Tang adds. “We’ve overcome that obstacle, and can’t wait for people to experience the results.”

For those who question the applicability of this technology to adult entertainment, especially when so much of the industry focus is now firmly fixed on virtual reality, it is important to note that mixed reality overcomes two of VR porn’s biggest shortcomings:

First, because the user “sees through” the headset, he won’t emerge from fantasy land to find his wife or friends have been watching him while he was watching porn.

Secondly, whereas VR puts the user in the performer’s space, MR puts the performer in the user’s space — an infinitely more personal experience — an experience that live camming, adult video, and other industry segments should be pursuing.

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