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Award Winning Camarada App Lets Smartphone Users Create 3D Virtual Reality Videos

“Already available to android users, Camarada is set to hit the Apple App Store and launch new features with Kickstarter-generated support”

Previously, creating immersive virtual reality experiences could only be accomplished with expensive and specialized equipment, and a lack of consumer generated content acted as a bottleneck for mass market adoption. One app is changing the industry by allowing users to create true 3D content with something most of us have in our back pockets– a smartphone.

Currently available with basic functions to android users in the Google Play store, Camarada allows users to capture life’s most precious moments, from a child’s first steps to a trip around the globe, all in true 3D. Once users capture the footage, they can relive their favorite moments in a way that outshines 2D photos and videos.

We are offering the same kind of video quality as consumer grade 3D cameras for much much less,” said Clement Ren, co-founder of Aimfire Inc, the company behind Camarada. We are relying on our smartphone for our everyday photo and video needs. Now, with your smartphone, you can create 3D content for a fraction of the price.

To get true 3D video, two cameras must capture a scene at the exact same time and from slightly different angles. In this way, the camera lenses act like eyes, able to capture depth and perspective in a way that a single lens cannot. Camarada is the only app on the market that can truly link and sync two phones together, allowing this to be possible.

The app developers are now calling on video takers and storytellers to support a Kickstarter campaign that would not only enhance the apps current capabilities and technology, but develop an iOS version too.

The most creative and the best quality for this type of app,” a play store review said. Hard to believe you can use two phones to capture 3D video but the app does it – wonderful!

Camarada won Grand Prize in the 2017 Google I/O Experiments Challenge for being one of the most creative apps of 2017. The app development team also won the highly contested 2017 InnoSTARS Competition semifinals.



Camarada is an app that lets users experience memories all over again in a way that replicates real life. The team hopes this will change the way society interacts with smartphones and interacts with each other. Camarada records moments in true 3D, all on your phone, with no additional fancy equipment. The app syncs and links nearby smartphones through peer-to-peer wifi, allowing users to connect with friend and form a true 3D video camera with multiple phones and multiple lenses.


Aimfire Inc. is an end-to-end solutions provider that developed disruptive technologies to harness the collective power of mobile devices. Innovative products built atop these highly monetizable technologies deliver much richer, much more engaging experiences to mass market consumers.

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