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Made for VR Porn – VR Sex Toy Kiiroo Tutorial & Review

Based on extensive research and product testing, there has been an increased demand for global communication that leads to social media platforms like Twitter to crash and the need for long-distance sex is wanted. This is what VR sex toy maker and companies like Kiiroo are trying to invest on. With varying success stories on different level it is still considered an untouched market.

The World’s Best Sex Toy for VR Porn: The New AutoBlow A.I.

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kiiroo vr

The sex toy maker had collaborated with VR porn studios such as Badoink VR and Virtual Real Porn, launching exclusive campaign and VR headset included packages, to make its device more VR-friendly, and working seamlessly with VR porn!

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What is Kiiroo? Kiroo is an award winning adult product for masturbation with VR porn content, that was established in April 2013. They have a welcoming website that offered class for all sexes and queer inclusive. The vaginal products are tested and reviewed well as they hire women to test it for them.

They offer a comprehensive website of their products detailing information on each page without being explicit. Kiiroo made an effort to avoid gendered terms and avoids being inflexible on its use and on relationships.

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Kiiroo features three of their products that can be used in conjunction or separately

• Onyx: This is considered as their high-end product. It is a sleeve for masturbation made to communicate with other devices. Onyx sleeves are enclosed in a solid case. These sleeves are derived from the top sex toy for penises Fleshlight that is bounded with 10 narrowing rings. The rings move according to the received data either from the device itself, from a separate Onyx device, or from Pearl’s surface.


Pearl: This is a Kiiroo vibrator that is simple and sleek in design that is capable of touch data transmission from its own surface or other Onyx devices will in turn constrict. This is almost similar to other available vibrators in the market aside from it controlling the other connected devices response.

Platform: Kiiroo developed a similar platform to Skype where one can make video calls, audio calls, and tactile data. The platform is made secured by implementing a coding system that you need to share to the other person before entering the chat. The code is only valid for five minutes to prevent the hacking risk. It is available for Kiiroo users free of charge.

These devices are launched early 2015 and each are available for purchase separately and discounted when bought in pairs. Bobby Eden Experience suggests sex workers and cam models to offer exclusive shows with Kiiroo devices.

The device looks like a portable machine that is similar to a coffee maker. Kiiroo devices run on teledildonics technology that allows it to transmit tactile data that makes hands-on experience possible on virtual sex. The sensation of feeling your partner while on a video call makes Kiiroo an exceptional device.

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Long-Distance Lovers to Test Kiiroo from Different Country

To test the product, two of our friends who are long-distance lovers were recruited to conduct the experiment where the girlfriend used Pearl from Los Angeles and the guy was Onyx that is in Australia.

For Onyx, it looks classy on the initial look. It will be difficult to beat Kiiroo with its aesthetic. It will be hard for you to treat this device the same way with other toys due to its elegant design. While in Berlin, Lucie had received Pearl and described it to have a minimalistic and nice design, a white dildo contained in a black velvet pouch that has a USB cable included. She tried to do a test run with the five available vibration level and noted that this is a very powerful device.

After fully charging the device that has a solid light to indicate it signing in the platform is next. To make the devices wireless you have to connect it to a computer via Bluetooth connection. Registration process is fast and easy. Is you are used to just immediately jumping into the action it might give you a sense of anxiousness due to the process itself as these are not your ordinary sex toys. The Fleshlight, as expected, is soft and robust that is specifically designed for Onyx. After fully charging it you just need to put the sleeve inside and power it on and plenty of lube is highly recommended.

Before testing it with Lucie and the Pearl, a solo testing was done to get familiarized on how it works. A button is available to change it from automatic to manual modes. Manual mode is for your own rhythm or for the other person to gain control while the automatic mode has a pattern that controls the speed and contraction based on how you set it – either a fast or slow pump.

Manual mode makes your jacking off different as you only need to swipe on the touch pad on the Onyx device’s side. It has a constant and loud mechanical sound though compared to the usual steady vibration sound.

Joining in with the girl, an invitation was required and a six-digit code is the only thing needed to start off easily. While waiting for Pearl to complete the charge, the platform went on steady and smooth without any interruption. So as the testing goes on, Lucie tried to stroke the dildo by hand, since as per instructions, Onyx also respond to the fingers movement. The sleeve feels comfortable and is just needed to be held up straight and let Pearl do its thing.

Basing on web documentations and manuals, Pearl is the device that can send signals to Onyx. It has a soft silicone texture when inserted in the vagina. It might not be great to save a long-distance relationship but it will definitely be better if the signals are sent both sides. Currently, Kiiroo is in progress working on the reverse where Pearl will simulate the thrusts.

Overall, it is best for cam models use to have their fans or viewers feel their touch instead of just watching them. It makes the experience better with the webcams teasing element. Useful upgrades and improvement is continued to be looked upon but still it is a unique device with a great platform.

Masturbation has been the same over the past years and some devices like Fleshlight and TENGA made it more exciting. It still offers the same sensation but things can still get stale.

Technology is a never ending process of improvement and Virtual Reality is making its name and is here to make a change on how online pornography is consumed.

Here we have Kiiroo which is originally made for long-distance relationships to experience the missed intimacy provided with their given distance. They have Pearl, a g-spot vibrator that transmits signals to Onyx, a male masturbation device. When Pearl is touched it gives back a signal to Onyx where it will contract and expand in motion and time that gives out a stimulating experience. Now, with the VR, the gameplay has changed. Let’s see how effective Kiiroo Onyx partnered up with an interactive content make its impression.

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Kiiroo Onyx Initial Impression

We only have one Onyx so this is focused on solo device experience and the interactive content. The packaging is simple for an expensive and luxurious device. Within the white external box is a better looking black box for keepsake with a magnetized clasp cover. You can see Onyx in a large foam bed inside it together with a USB cable to charge it and plus the warranty card. Onyx is a huge device that weighs around 895g and stands at around 9.5in high, similar to the size of Fleshlight, and it has an 11.5in circumference.


The external part of Onyx is made of a durable ABS plastic and the internal is made from the similar Fleshlight materials. It is not waterproof but you can remove the sleeve to make cleaning easier. You can clean the external part with regular sex toy wiping cloths or a slightly moist cloth. Charging the device is needed before use and the cap should be removed as well as the clip around the sleeves entrance. Underneath is where the micro-USB port is located. For an or more use you need to get it charged for 3 hours. It has a very stylish design which can be mistaken for an alarm clock without numbers when laying on its side.


Onyx Setup

You need to get a Bluetooth-enabled laptop or computer ready as when Onyx is powered up it automatically goes into Bluetooth pairing. Once the devices are successfully paired you are all set. Alternatively, you can always use Onyx without connecting it to a computer. Pressing the button twice places it on the initial 2 pump modes (slow and fast) automatically while the 4th selection is for manual control that allows the user to slide the panel up and down that gives out a wave sensation as the rings try to contract and release on the entire shaft length. The interactive videos are synced up with Onyx when in use so the rings are contracting at the same time with the movements in the video.

Using Onyx with Interactive Virtual Porn Videos

Once the device is completely set and ready to use, website registration is needed where you can get the videos compatible with Kiiroo like FeelXVideos. They offer a monthly recurring plan starting off at €34 or around £27 per month. After registration, browse and locate a video of your choice. As of now there are limited videos to choose from which also includes M/M and M/M/F scenes. Once a video is selected you will be provided an option to either watch or to feel it with Kiiroo.

Once you select it to feel, it will search for the paired device and it will start to play once it is found. The feel of the inside is incredibly stretchable that is suitable for all sizes, it has a dotted sleeve and with some pleasure bumps that adds up to the stimulation. Onyx will continue to softly massage the penis as the video goes on and will contract at different scenarios. The video and the actors in it are not that great though which can somehow take you off the fantasy, a little amateur if you ask.

Using Onyx Solo

Onyx on its own can give you a basic experience. You either let it work on automatic mode with its preset vibrations on different modes or manually control it yourself. Unlike the usual masturbators, you need to keep it in place instead of thrusting it in and out, you rely on the rings to take you to orgasm. It did not give out an intense sensation, maybe depending on who would use it. It also has a bit off loud mechanical sound and discretion is at stake for this. Also, since you need to keep it in place, its weight takes a toll when used extensively.


Maintaining and Cleaning Onyx

It is easy to take care of this toy. You cannot submerge it in water since it is not waterproof. Cleaning the external part just needs wiping with wet wipes or a slightly damp cloth. For the internal sleeve, just remove it and clean it with a toy cleaner and water. Make sure that it is completely dry before placing it back. There is a reason why a lid is available as it attracts hair and dust. It is also suggested to place a renewal powder on the sleeve after cleaning since the sleeve gets a gummy quality.


Onyx is a multipurpose device that can be used solo, with another device, with an interactive content and even over the web that gives a new impression to cybersex in a stylish way. Though, it does not provide much desired intensity and sensation, also the interactive content is still limited. A great potential is in the device but there is a great room for improvement.


In conclusion, we thought Kiiroo couple set is a great VR sex toy, very user-friendly, compact and easy for cleansing! We’d highly recommend Kiiroo for anyone or couple who is looking for a hi-end, sleek, easy-to-use, and high quality sex toy to be used along VR porn content!


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