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BaDoinkVR Debut Augmented Reality Stripteases in collaboration with BaDoinkVR has released an augmented reality demo featuring a real 3D person — rather than a computer-generated likeness — something it says has never been done before.

According to the company, the continued pursuit of integrating augmented reality into daily life has just taken another large step forward, as and BaDoinkVR teamed up to create an AR demo clip featuring porn star Susy Gala that showcases some of the capabilities of the technology to date.

Augmented reality (AR) uses technology to overlay visuals, sounds, haptic sensations, and even smells on the real world around the viewer, providing an enhanced or “augmented” experience. Up until now, AR has been used for tasks such as layering 3D computer generated graphics over reality, or simpler tasks such as displaying text notifications into our peripheral vision.

Augmented reality promises to offer amazing breakthroughs in many industries, and none more so than the adult entertainment industry, which is ready to use the technology to deliver immersive experiences straight out of a science fiction movie.

AR glasses such as the Microsoft Hololens, or Smart devices like phones and tablets can be used to view most current augmented reality creations. In the case of Smart devices (phones or tablets), anything that has a forward-facing camera can be used, including mobile VR headsets like Google Cardboard or Samsung GearVR so long as the front cover can be removed to expose the camera.

To sample the demo video, viewers will need an Android Smartphone, a mobile VR headset such as Cardboard or GearVR (with the GearVR service disabled) and a printout of an AR marker image or the AR marker image loaded on the screen of a tablet.

Scott Camball of says the AR demo works through use of ARjs and WebGL Polyfill stereo rendering with the image from the Smartphones camera fed through and used as the scene background in mono.

“The AR marker (printout) is used to track and determine Susy Gala’s location within the background image. A stereo left-right video file is rendered onto the marker and Chrome Key removes the green screen from the video. The result is a 3D object contained in a 2D scene,” Camball explains. “Viewers can then move around and view Susy Gala dancing from multiple viewpoints.”

Camball says the current AR demo video is 3D but is being rendered into a flat video file and therefore lacks depth.

“ is currently working on an additional demo clip using volumetric video to create depth,” Camball adds. “The new demo clip will also not require a placemat, instead using any flat surface as the AR tracking marker.”

AR technology was featured in the immensely popular Smartphone game “Pokémon: Go,” which overlaid computer-generated visuals onto reality with great success. Using’s technology and BaDoinkVR’s footage, viewers can now have porn star Susy Gala dancing and teasing in their living room, bedroom, on the coffee table, or anywhere else the viewer chooses.

“Featuring the image of a real person, and not something computer generated is new, and a big step towards blending the real and the virtual,” Camball notes. “The best example to get an idea of this technology’s potential is the AI augmented reality girlfriend named JOI featured in the movie Blade Runner 2049. Of course, Susy Gala dancing in AR is a far cry from a full-fledged AR girlfriend, but the demo hints at the immense potential of augmented reality.”

AR technology’s influence will span almost every industry, from health care to automotive and architecture, but Camball says the only industry cares about is adult entertainment.

“We see augmented reality as a real game-changer for the adult entertainment industry. I’m not just talking about typical pornography either, but AR stripteases, or AR cam shows, as well,” Camball says. “They bring the image of real performers into viewers’ homes for the ultimate in interactivity. That will pave the way for AI hologram relationships. We are all very excited!”

When asked about augmented reality’s influence on VR porn, Camball says he feels there will be room for both technologies, with a large amount of overlap taking place.

“The way we see it is that the two technologies will blend together, depending on the use or medium,” Camball concludes. “This means that, in the near future, there will not be AR or VR specific headsets/glasses widely available. Instead, the units will be able to support both technologies.”

The field or augmented reality technology is beginning to rapidly gain momentum. Thanks to dedicated industry pioneers like and innovative adult entertainment companies like BaDoinkVR, it’s only a matter of time before AR adult entertainment achieves levels of realism and immersion only thought possible in science fiction literature or movies.

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