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BaDoinkVR Launches Virtual Sexology II to Offers Free Complimentary Sex Toys

BaDoinkVR has just launched “Virtual Sexology II: What Women Want.” This is the follow of its Virtual Sexology I launched in 2016. Virtual Sexology is BadoinkVR’s cutting-edge VR sex education experience, aiming to provide sex education and therapy. The series is aiming to make viewers a better lover in bed, or enhance solo sexual pleasure.

“Virtual Sexology II” is designed specifically for women, by women, exploring the uniquely feminine aspects of desire and pleasure. In addition to providing “Virtual Sexology II” as a free download, BaDoinkVR is also providing 10,000 free sex toys to boost the VR experience.



BadoinkVR is offering free Trinity Peanut Bullet Vibe while supply last, this compact, small vibrator for the ladies is using a one-touch control for effective stimulation.

“We recognized that women tend to have a different mindset compared to men when it comes to adult VR content consumption,” says BaDoinkVR’s Director Dinorah Hernandez. “With ‘Virtual Sexology II,’ we strive to appeal to a large demographic of women that have been widely ignored by the adult industry.”


“‘Virtual Sexology’ is a progressive concept that offers a wide-variety of positive sexual health applications in an informative and entertaining way,” says Richmond. “Women’s desire and arousal are unique to men’s and extremely varied, so our approach with this endeavor was to explore not only what women want, but also how they want it.”

The new video addresses female’s sexual desire in a novel way, it is both educational and entertaining, offering a hands-on tutorial on female sexual empowerment.

The studio collaborated with AASECT certified profession sex therapist DR. Holly Richmond, Ph.D., to produce the content and series of exercises presented in “Virtual Sexology II.” DR. Richmond works with both male and female clients, and also couples on sex related issues, adopting using somatic (body-based) principles to help uncover subconscious issues that contribute to clients’ primary concerns. DR Richmond’s treatment focuses on lower and absent libido and sexual desires for couple, compulsive disorder with porn, recovery from sex related trauma and abuse, and alternative sexual lifestyle for porn stars and sex workers. If you haven’t see part one of the Virtual Sexology, here is the video:


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