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Beeple VR Design Competition

Beeple, aka Mike Winkelmann, has been famously driven to create at least one new work every day for the past decade, and has inspired many others to do the same. Not only that but he’s also made a ton of popular VJ loops, as well as a few much more ambitious videos that he works on throughout the year.

And we’d like to bring some of his creations to life in virtual reality. The idea is to interpret his illustrations and videos in any way you feel like interpreting them. You’ll build your scene using Unity, while plugging in an SDK from the social network VRChat, which allows one to easily upload their worlds to the metaverse.


Judge: Beeple

First prize: HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, delivered. Or monetary equivalent. The Rift would include Touch controllers and everything needed for roomscale use.

Other prizes include 2 vive trackers, $100 & $50 Unity Asset Store vouchers, a $50 Steam gift card, and a “buttload” of Beeple prints of your choosing.

The top submissions will showcased in London as part of Digital Decade V: Cyberia, August 25-27.



You have until Monday, August 14th to upload your finished scene. You can submit as many scenes as you like. Source material can be one or more Beeple works, and can be a direct translation or rather just loosely inspired. If you check with us we can let you know if any particular work is already being used by another.

Once yours is submitted we’ll make it public, although you can keep updating it until the deadline.

The final scenes will be part of a show where visitors can explore them together, and they’ll remain online as long as the artists choose to share them.



Find instructions and tutorials on this page.



Here you can check out the first few submissions, they experiment with some different approaches and we hope they’ll be great inspiration.



We’ll show some examples of Beeple’s work here, that you could choose as the basis for your own scene, although this is just a small fraction of his entire catalog.


We’re a record label / audio-visual laboratory whose animated music videos have been shared by the likes of Wired, The Verge, Gizmodo, Boingboing, This Is Colossal and many others. Our current obsession though is VR, through which we’re attempting to help build this sci-fi-inspired corner of the metaverse.

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