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Beiersdorf VR Skin Exploration: Mixed Reality Video & Opportunity for Your Own Mixed Reality Videos

As one of the first companies in Germany the Beiersdorf AG is utilizing the new possibilities offered by Virtual Reality. In a collaboration with the VR Nerds from Hamburg, specialists in the field of virtual reality, they developed an application for the HTC Vive VR headset, with which the exploration and experience of virtual worlds is almost like the real reality.

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With a sophisticated system, both the movement of the hands, as well as the head of the user are tracked and transmitted into the virtual reality, enabling the user to experience a virtual tour in a 5 x 5 meters large room.


In the Beiersdorf VR Skin Exploration app the user visits the surface and the inside layers of the skin. He is able to move freely and get information about several skin components by a professional narrator at defined hotspots. Some interactive elements invite to examine and learn playfully, allowing the user to explore the functions of the skin, thus the active ingredients of the Beiersdorf cosmetics can be observed and witnessed “live”. The wellthoughtout system can be set up within minutes at any location, be it during the training of staff, as a marketing tool at the POS or at press events.

To make this experience accessible for everyone, the team of VR ∙ Nerds published a Mixed Reality. Trailer that shows the application. The new mixed reality trailer can be found below:

In addition, the team of VR ∙ nerds now offers mixed reality videos for developers, businesses and other interested parties. VR ∙ Nerds has already published several own mixed reality videos and produces for major German channels such as Spiegel Online and Rocket Beans TV. Further information and contact under: www.vrnerds.biz and www.vrnerds.de

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